Saturday, March 10, 2007


I always wanted to win an Oscar, and now I have one better – a Bl-Oscar!! Sanni gave out her Bl-Oscars on Thursday over at Coffee 2 Go, and Crazy Working Mom and I received Bl-Oscars for Funny Mommies. Yea us!! Woo hoo!

I am thrilled! I am humbled! And I love Sanni!!

Thank you so much for this honor. Everyone join in my celebration. Have a nice glass of champagne while you’re blurfing tonight, and don’t forget to head over to Coffee 2 Go and check out Sanni’s fabulous blog!


Momish said...

Hey, congrats on the award. Well deserved!

Morgen said...

I've been so website-driven that I haven't even gone and picked up my trophy yet!!!

We need to have our own Bl-Oscars party! You know, like how Elton John has the after-Oscars? I could be the blogosphere Elton John and host the after-Bloscars!

Get it on!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Yeah, congrats! I was very shocked to see that I had won an award with you, the QUEEN of mommy blogging. I am so humbled, really.

Julie said...

Congrats! Much deserved!

Skittles said...