Thursday, March 08, 2007

13 Things In My Purse

Today I realized that my purse, which is the size of a suitcase, weighed so much that it was about to give me a hernia. Therefore, I decided it was time to clean it out. I only carry around what I deem a necessity, so I’m not quite sure what happened. Here are 13 things I found in my purse today.

1. Hello Kitty toothbrush – Georgia’s, not mine. One morning, she refused to leave the house without her toothbrush, which she had deathgripped in her little fingers. She finally threw it down in the middle of the grocery store when she was distracted by something shiny.

2. Toy flute – After I took this out of my purse and Eli got ahold of it, I was reminded how ear-splittingly loud it is, which is why I hid it in my purse in the first place.

3. Chop sticks – Eli picks up extra chop sticks every time we go to Panda Express or Noodles & Co. He uses them as some weird experiment with his Legos.

4. Candyland card – I have no freaking clue how that ended up in there.

5. Potpourri sachet – I was trying to make my purse smell better, since Georgia’s sippy cup of milk leaked in it.

6. Purple dinosaur – Eli’s crappy toy “prize” he got at the dentist’s office.

7. Nipple Nibblers (watermelon) – I’m telling you – best freaking lip gloss ever!

8. Breast reduction pamphlet – If I keep it in my purse, I remember where it is.

9. Tide Stain Stick – Dude! They need to sell these damn things in bulk.

10. Georgia’s hair – My baby’s first official haircut was two weeks ago. *sniff*

11. Mucinex – along with the Visine, nose drops and prescription drugs, my purse is a regular pharmacy.

12. Passion Party catalogs – I never leave home without a few to hand out.

13. Coffee receipts – Between Caribou and Starbucks, I’m sure there were hundreds of dollars worth of receipts shoved in my purse. I quickly threw them away before my husband could see them.

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The Gal Herself said...

Great idea for a TT! I can relate -- I'm not a stay-at-home mom, but I am fond of enormous purses and am regularly surprised by the treasures I find when I switch bags. Visit my charity Thursday 13. Thanks

Kimo & Sabi said...

A Hello Kitty Toofybrush?! Hellooooo Kitteeeeee! We LOVES that kitty!

whenn said...

Haha, I think all women have the "carrying your whole life around in your handbag" syndrome! Things in mine include a pair of small scissors, plasters, cellotape, pens etc etc...

Caylynn said...

Amazing the things that end up in our purses! I don't have children, so I don't end up with kids things in my purse, but somehow, it still attracts the stuff!

Fun list. :) Happy T13. :)

Janene said...

I need a bigger purse ~ I could do a 13 on random things that are in the diaper bag that belong to me and not the kids...I'm thinking when they are both bigger I will be able to get away with a purse and a few diapers instead of the massive amount of crap I have to lug everywhere.

Happy Thursday! I'm totally going to check out the Nipple Nibblers - what a unique name for lipgloss. Hmmm...

Raggedy said...

I enjoyed your list! I have had the same thing happen. I think the kids toss stuff in when we are not looking. I can relate to the tooth brush and death grip. Our daughter wants to take things she brings into the store. We always end up hunting the item down because she was distracted and set what she brought down somewhere.
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Sunrunner said...

Good one! Mine's up!

Desert Songbird said...

Great list, Neila. I think one of the reasons I like to change purses frequently is to avoid accumulating too much crap in my bag. Even with the smallest of purses, it's amazing what kind of sh*t gets thrown in there!

Lisa said...

Great list! My first TT was 13 things in my purse! I have a Tide Stick in mine, the coffee receipts, the toys, Visine...

My list is up too.

Starla said...

I am right there with you when it comes to receipts. I seriously have to empty out my purse once a week in order to find all my receipts I have stuffed in there!

Happy TT!

Kara said...

Good TT :) Did you see you got a Bl-Oscar at Coffee 2 Go?

Morgen said...

Ha! I LOVE #13!!!
And good for you on #12! I need to get some new business cards printed up with my website
That's WREN SHOP DOT COM for those of you who don't know!
Hee Hee
So I can hand them out in bulk too!

Travis said...

Sticks are essential to any proper lego building. I used popcycle sticks, or quite often the long sticks from Tinker Toys.

Crazy Working Mom said...

We so totally have the same tastes in handbags! *LOL*

Great list!!

Sparky Duck said...

women and there purses will never make sense to me

Jill said...

And i thought I had a lot of things in my purse(but it seems smaller than yours!!)