Friday, February 23, 2007

Thank you!!

I want to thank you all once again for making my birthday so special!! My blog buddies are great, and I get all excited over unexpected gifts!

In addition to a very special Thursday Thirteen, just look at what Morgen gave me:

This is now my new desktop wallpaper. And after this, I will refrain from posting Went photos on my blog . . . for a while anyway.

In other surprises, I went to Caribou Coffee today for my free coffee, and Aaron had my birthday present – a bottle of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon! Oh yeah, baby! I vaguely remember getting smashed on enjoying that wine at his house in December when I did his Passion Party. Woo hoo! I immediately went to Whole Foods to invest in some of their dark chocolate truffles to enjoy with the wine. What a fun birthday treat!!

After that, I went to buy myself something fun at Crate & Barrel. I love that store!! It just opened here in KC last year, and it rocks! Anyway, I have desperately needed a corkscrew for awhile. Mine is worn out, and doesn’t screw into the cork evenly. Needless to say, I usually end up with the cork in pieces before I’m able to get it out. So, I bought a spanking new cork screw and a really fun wine stopper. Here’s the best part! They couldn’t find the price for the wine stopper, so the girl just shrugged and put it in my bag. Oh yeah! She didn’t even charge me for it! Happy Birthday to me from Crate & Barrel!


Desert Songbird said...

Truffles and wine? Wow! Hope you had fun, fun, FUN!

Sparky Duck said...

Morgen is brillant

Morgen said...

truffles, wine, and went
you are a blessed woman.

I tried to get a strip-o-went for you, but he was busy getting tattooed for prison break.

hope your laptop comes today!

Crazy Working Mom said...

I hope you had a great birthday.

scribbit said...

Oh that is so fun! Love the picture.

I too love Crate and Barrell but the shipping to Alaska will kill you--which is irritating because it doesn't cost more to ship here over other U.S. places, it's just a way to work us over for more money.