Sunday, February 25, 2007

Computer Update

My new laptop computer finally arrived yesterday around 2:00 p.m. The company called yesterday morning and said it would be delivered that day. They couldn’t give us a time, nor could they tell us what the heck happened to our computer the day before, so that remains a mystery.

I was expecting our computer to show up with a passport stamped with a few different countries by the time it ultimately arrived.

After it finally got here, I was extremely excited until I was harshly reminded of how technology illiterate I can be. I was ready to get on the Internet, but I lacked a wireless router.

Off we went to Office Depot in search of a router. I walked in and started asking questions, and they told me they would go get their computer expert, Phil.

A skinny kid with big glasses and peach fuzz walked over to me, anxious to help. This is where I need that filter on my mouth. I said, “YOU are the EXPERT?! What are you? 16?” The poor kid said, “No ma’am. I’m 19.”

19, my ass! He didn’t even look like he had hit puberty yet. Luckily, he was helpful, and I got my router. Once I got home, it seemed to take me forever to install it, even though Phil assured me it was easy and that if I just followed the Wizard, I would be “golden.”

I did finally manage to install it, but I can’t seem to get to all of my regular Web sites. I’m guessing there’s a security issue somewhere that I can’t figure out how to address. And I am completely at a loss as to how in the bloody hell to set up a network with my desktop computer.

I really consider myself a fairly intelligent individual, but this whole thing escapes me. I am about 24 hours away from breaking down and calling Tech Guys to come out and do it for me. Or better yet, maybe I should go back to Office Depot and see if Phil makes house calls.


A.J.Reams said...

We always pay extra for the Geek Squad (Best Buy) to come out and make everything work for us. I love them!

So glad you finally got your laptop. I love mine!

Travis said...

Thanks for dropping by my 13!

I had a similar problem with the internet when I first got my new laptop. But 4 hours on the phone with Dell fixed the problem.

And my laptop and I are living happily ever after!

Good luck!

SQT said...

Yaaaaa! It came! It came!

Donna said...

My wireless router sat here unused for months before my daughter took pity on me and got it working. But she had to spend hours on the phone with techies at Belkin. For some reason it wasn't simple, the way it was supposed to be. I love being able to sit in my recliner and surf. So does my husband, who hardly ever touched a computer before I got the laptop.

Crazy Working Mom said...

If I had a laptop, I would never be off the internet. I'm so jealous of you, though.

I'm so glad it finally arrived unscathed! :)

Kara said...

Glad you got your computer! I am the same way with computers, I would have no idea how to do any of that either, luckily I got a geek DH who majored in computer science to do things for me lol.

Desert Songbird said...

Hmm...seems like my first comment got lost in lala land...

So glad your laptop arrived. I've had mine for about a year, and I love it. I roam all over the house with it; it hasn't made a journey to Starbucks yet, but soon...

I know enough about computers to be dangerous, but then again, I'm married to a software geek, so I let him handle all of the technical stuff. He has our house so hooked up, I wouldn't know where to begin!

crazymumma said...

Go get yourself a computer geek....totally worth it!

Sparky Duck said...

its something with your firewall on the laptop perhaps. I hate the firewalls! Which wireless did you get g, m?

Julie said...

Hurray! I hope you're able to access your OWN blog, seeing that's it's a porn site and all. ;-)

Morgen said...

3 cheers for laptops!
And I am GREEN with jealousy over having a wireless router in the house!
We can't go wireless in our house because we live in BFE and no dsl or cable internet or anything.