Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Extravaganza Continues

My goodness, I think I have a hangover from Morgepalooza! I hope everyone had a chance to check out the party going on at It’s A Blog Eat Blog World! Morgen rocked the house for his 40th birthday. 40 posts!! And I have trouble some days coming up with anything to say! I hope your birthday was a great one, Mo!!

Where Morgen has Morgepalooza, we have Neila’s Birthday Extravaganza. This really started a few years ago when Eli was learning to talk. It’s really fun to listen to a 2-year-old say “extravaganza.”

Eric always takes my actual birthday off work to celebrate, and if it’s near a weekend (like this year, it’s on Thursday), he takes Friday off too, so it’s a four-day celebration. Combine that with a three-day weekend the weekend before for Presidents’ Day, and it’s quite a celebration. This year, it’s seriously turning into a week-long event. By the time I’m 40, I’m hoping to reserve the entire month of February for the Extravaganza, but we’re still working on that.

Saturday night, I had a Passion Party that kicked ass! It was so much fun! I sold eight vibrators, and there were only six ladies in attendance. They are going to get down with their bad selves! I feel so proud! I was just happy that all of the women seemed to know what a clitoris was and where it was. I had a party last month in which that was not the case. Dude! A woman who doesn’t know where her clitoris is?! Not. Cool. Because you know that meant her husband doesn’t know either. And this woman has four children. Angels are crying somewhere over her lack of orgasms.

Anyway, after my Passion Party, I went to my friend Rebecca’s party. Her birthday was last week, so she was having quite a celebration at her house. I was quite giddy by the time I got home. Then, on Sunday, Eric’s parents watched the kids so we could go out to eat.

It sounds like such a small event, but I can’t tell you how nice it is to go out to an adult restaurant and be able to eat without a child screaming or climbing on me. I almost didn’t want to leave. When we did finally leave, Eric and I took advantage of our rare alone time, and made out in the car like a couple of 16-year-olds. What is it about making out in a car that just gets the juices flowing? I think it awakens some teenage hormones or something. The good thing is that we can now go home to bed, which is much more comfortable than hopping in the back seat.

My goodness, there’s some TMI and then some for you all!

Tomorrow, the extravaganza continues as I’m going out to dinner with Amy and Heather. I’m dragging them to Macaroni Grill for bread, wine and pasta. Yum-O! Then on Wednesday night, I’m celebrating with Stacey and Andrea. I don’t know where we’re going yet, but I am going to have to go on a serious diet by the time this week is over. Until then, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of it!!!


Kara said...

Sounds like you are having a great week! How fun!

Jenny said...

You should totally enjoy every second of your week! Your birthday only comes around once a year, so have fun!

Sanni said...

Extravaganza? Sounds like great fun! =)

So... I´m wondering if you will participate in TT on your sweet 3-5 and if: What will it be about?! LOL

Desert Songbird said...

Party on, Wayne!

Boo yah - wish I was there to throw back a few with you. Guess I'll have to have some on my own here in your honor.

Crazy Working Mom said...

You go girl with that juicy post! :)