Friday, February 16, 2007

The Preschool Party

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What an exhausting week this has been! We spent our snow day on Tuesday baking a cake for Valentine’s Day. I really don’t know what got into me. I always think it will be fun making treats with the children. But it evolves into me trying to measure ingredients and stir while Eli is sticking his hands in everything to taste it and Georgia is screaming and climbing up my leg.

Amidst the chaos, we made a fudge strawberry torte, which I posted below. It is wonderful! I lifted it from Pillsbury’s Web site, but I thought it was a good excuse for me to participate in Friday's Feast, so there you go.

Wednesday, I decided to take Eli to preschool in case they had their Valentine’s Day party that day since school had been cancelled the previous day. Remember how I said, “What are they going to do? Send us home?” Yeah, well, they sent us home. That’ll teach me to have a smart-ass attitude about everything. Luckily, the party was rescheduled for Thursday when all the kids would be there. So we packed up Eli’s valentines (again) and headed off to school on Thursday.

I was all happy with myself since I had my little individual bags full of candy for each child. Unfortunately, Desert Songbird’s evil twin apparently has a daughter in my son’s class. When Eli brought home his big sack of Valentines, I started rifling through it to evaluate the achievements and creativity of the other moms admire the cute Valentines from the other children. I was patting myself on the back as I pulled out Valentine after Valentine with one piece of candy taped to a little store-bought Valentine.

Then, I pulled out “the one.” There was one Valentine that consisted of a big bag of candy with a big handmade (!!!) card attached to it with a cute little ribbon. The card had a heart-shaped picture of the little girl on the front. You opened it up, and there were tons of Valentines stickers, and then on the back it said, “Lovingly handmade by (girl’s name)” WTF?!!! And I thought I was an over-achiever. Oh well, this gives me something to strive for for next year. Eric told me I need to calm down now or I’m going to be suffering from some serious ulcers by the time Eli is in first grade.

At least the mom’s coffee was rescheduled for today, too. Georgia and I went and hung out while drinking very weak coffee and I pimped my Passion Parties chatted with other moms. I did meet some other moms who seemed like lots of fun. One mom who I always thought looked kind of bitchy turned out to be freaking hysterical, so that was great! And two of the other moms lit up when they found out I did Passion Parties and started asking me questions about Gigi. Now they want to book a party! Yippy skippy!!

And to top it all off, I won the door prize drawing for free flowers. Why is it that when Eric got me a huge vase of roses and daisies on Valentine’s Day, I was warm and happy, but when I won a small vase of flowers at the preschool, I was ecstatic. My competitive nature? Hmmm. . . I’ll have to analyze that.


Desert Songbird said...

Hey, hey, hey! Easy cheetah! So now I'm in possession of an evil twin! Sheesh! LOL

I used to be sooooo worked up about that stuff when my daughter was in preschool. With your firstborn, you don't want to feel like the mom who's not "in the know."

By the time my son got to preschool, I was more laid back. I figured if anyone thought of me as a "not cool" mom, well, then, screw 'em!

SQT said...

You guys are so funny. I'm one of the underachieving mom's when it comes to valentines. Yep, store bought candy and card, that's me. I figure as long as I did it we're good.

My mom was a working mom (well, aren't we all) but she was a single mom who barely had time for anything much less putting together valentines. So we were usually the kids who were lucky to show up with anything.

So I didn't have the super-mom example to follow and haven't reached super-mom status yet. I think I've reached competent mom status.

Kara said...

I just found your blog, very funny :D Hope you don't mind me linking to you!

Morgen said...

Ha. I'd be the parent stapling a mini snickers to a Where's Waldo Valentine that I got at the dollar store.
I don't know how you find the time or energy!
And Eric got you flowers for VD - aaaawwwww. That made me all warm and tingly (I think it's called jealousy) inside. And then you won a door prize too -- you rock!
And I can so picture you in the preschool teacher's lounge, talking about Gigi's! At least you didn't whip out a Pharaoh's Secret, right?


crazymumma said...

You crack me up as usual with your evaluation of other kids/parents creative abilities...

I would have won years ago with bigirl. We started like a month early and she made everything!

Now I just write out littlegirls name with my left hand and hope I trick everyone. Or I make a batch of cookies and let the kids knead the dough then I stay up until midnite dipping them in chocolate so we look like we have meaningful family moments.

pant pant.

Julie said...

Dude you totally pimped those moms!! You go girl. It's apparently not hard out there for a pimp. You make it look so easy!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

yeah we bitchy ones are a riot honey! ha ha

smiles, bee