Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Fruit Roll-Ups Giveaway!!

As we speak, my children are sneaking Fruit Roll-Ups, and they’re thinking I don’t see them. Don’t they know that all moms have eyes in the back of their head? Okay, not really, but my kids certainly are not subtle with the crinkling of the wrapper!

They sure do love their Fruit Roll-Ups, so I was thrilled when I saw this. Are you ready? Personalized Fruit Roll-Ups!!! Oh yeah, baby! This might just be the coolest thing ever!

My Fruit Roll-Ups are personalized treats that are perfect for any occasion – birthdays gifts, party favors, holidays treats, and Valentine’s Day goodies!! I just placed my order for these yummies, and their Web site is awesome! You can design your own Fruit Roll-Ups with graphics and your own message! The ones I designed have pictures of cats and a message that says “We love Eli and Georgia!”

I can’t wait to see my son’s face when he opens his Valentine’s Day present and sees his name on Fruit Roll-Ups. I will have to get that on video!!

Here is the best part! I know there are some of you out there who are well-deserving of a free box of My Fruit Roll-Ups. Three of you lucky readers will receive a promotional code good for your own My Fruit Roll-Ups. All you have to do is leave a comment below with the best Valentine’s message you have ever sent or received! The three people with the best message will receive a code for their own My Fruit Roll-Ups!

Now, I am getting this post up late (Me, late? Imagine that!). So keep in mind that to get your order by Valentine’s Day, you need to place your order before February 2. (Okay, yes, I realize that means by tomorrow.) By placing your order before February 2, you should receive it by February 13.

If you don’t win my Giveaway, you can go directly to the My Fruit Roll-Ups Web site and place your order. If you order before February 2, just enter the code “BE MINE” to get $10 off your order. That’s a great deal for such a special Valentine’s Day treat!!

Don’t forget to leave your comment below with your Valentine’s message (and make sure I have your email address) by midnight tonight (CST). I will be emailing out the promotional codes to the top three winners so you can order your personalized Fruit Roll-Ups tomorrow! Good luck!!!


LadyBugCrossing said...

The best Valentine message I ever got was from my Mr. - it was written below all the mushy stuff:
"Thanks for loving me even though I fart in your presence."
Yup, it's a gift --- in more ways than one!!

Desert Songbird said...

Hmmm....message? I dunno if this qualifies, but the best thing my hubby ever said to me in a Valentine's Day card was "I love you so much, I'd marry you again." Awwwww.....

The best Valentine I ever gave my hubby was a handcrafted card using the kids' photos and employing my best scrapbooking techniques. Hubby, who is NOT sentimental or a keeper of memorabilia, still has this card. I think I made it about five or six years ago.

MamaGeek said...

My favorite was "BE WINE VALENTINE". :)