Thursday, January 03, 2008

13 Resolutions I Probably Won't Keep

1. Stop cussing – Okay, I’m getting better, but this one really is going to be a bitch to keep.

2. Cut down on coffee – Well, considering that I got that espresso machine for Christmas, I’m pretty much screwed on this one.

3. Lose weight – See #2. Those damn lattes are killing me. Georgia and I go through a gallon of milk every two days.

4. Stop flipping people off in traffic – Yeah, right.

5. Watch less TV – The writer’s strike is helping with this one right now. Unfortunately Lost starts up again soon, and I may have to lock the kids in the closet so I can hear it.

6. Potty train my daughter – Right now when I suggest that Georgia use her potty, she runs from me screaming. I hope it gets better.

7. Improve the filter from my brain to my mouth – I came up with this one today after calling my (very young looking) doctor “Doogie.”

8. Exercise – Apparently running around the house trying to catch Georgia so I can change her diaper doesn’t count.

9. Start eating breakfast – Right now my refrigerator is where yogurt goes to die, so that plan is not working. Hmmm . . . does Cookie Crisp count as a healthy breakfast?

10. Visit someplace I have never been – I mean besides the gym.

11. Keep the house uncluttered – This is about as probable as #2, but I’m trying.

12. Deal with Georgia’s temper tantrums in a productive way – i.e. by not pulling my hair out.

13. Have more date nights with my husband – This requires finding a babysitter . . . anyone available?


Dane Bramage said...

If I watch any less TV I will be able to throw the stupid thig out. If it weren't for TiVo I would watch TV at all. I NEVER watch a show when it is actually on.

And #7 made me laugh out loud. I sit in my office and notice that more an more of the employees are getting younger (than me).

My Thursday 13 #63 is up early. It is 13 Celebrity Births in 2007 kind of the opposite of last week's post. Stop by if you get a chance.

Lara Angelina said...

hmmm....your list looks strangely familiar... I think it's hanging on my fridge as MINE!!
Happy TT -- and luck to both of us in 2008!

Courtney said...

I think date nights are just something people without children made up to make us people with children jealous. There never seems to be a babysitter available when my husband and I want a date night :(

Nadiah Alwi said...

# 3 & 8 sounds like my new year resolutions :D

Happy New Year!

Nicholas said...

Date nights are fun! No kids, no problem!

Good luck in keeping the resolutions you really do want to keep!

Zenmomma said...

I knew as soon as I read #1 that I was going to love this list!

damozel said...

This is my favorite list of resolutions! You've reminded me of one---and one only---resolution I do want to make: date nights with the spouse.

13 Unresolved Issues from 2007

suchsimplepleasures said...

that was a fun tt! i have to cut down on a bunch of things from you list, too! so, between my list of starting up and your list of cutting down...i'm so locking myself in the bathroom for the rest of the year!

Anonymous said...

I'm a HUGE Lost fan!!!!!! You visit Dark UFO's spoiler site...dontcha? It usually has great scoop!

Head Gaggler said...

Haha, great list. I have lots of goals for myself too. I doubt I will keep many of them. Good luck.

Cafe Mommy - said...

Wow your 13 are my can that be...only to say ALL moms must be the same. With the exception of the T.V. -- who has time for I sit here an sip on a cup of coffee and think...I should start decluttering the house of the Christmas stuff!! Thanks for sharing your resoultions, makes me feel human, very human like I'm not alone in this department!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Hey I get my exercise the same way! LOL :)

Sanni said...

Although I don´t do New Year´s resolutions anymore I love yours.

If you find any way to cope with the temper tantrums, please let me know. We´re just about getting started and my head gets bolder every day...

{Karla} said...


Great list!


Thea said...

I would gain 1,000.2 lbs if I had a machine like that in my house...I feel for you.

And I'm write there with you on the potty training. It sucks, man.

Joyismygoal said...

I think we just need the resolve to do a little better than yesterday and we will be doing well

Rachel said...

Those are great Thursday Thirteens!

Um... to get to away from the KFC being built across the street from the playground?