Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bloom Games by Cranium

Dude! I love being a mom blogger! The good people at Mom Central sent me some children’s games to review for the Cranium Blog Tour. As you all know from my Thursday post, my 5-year-old son absolutely loves games, so I was definitely up for this task!

Cranium Bloom is a new line of games developed especially for preschoolers. I love the Cranium games I have played in the past, so I was very excited to receive Let’s Go To The Zoo Seek and Find Play Puzzle and Let’s Play Count and Cook Game. These are perfect for us because as much as my son loves games, it is very important to me that they are educational.

First we tried the Seek and Find Puzzle. This was a nice big 24-piece puzzle of a zoo that my son enjoyed putting together. Then we drew cards, which directed us what to look for in the puzzle. The beginner cards say things like “find something red” or “find three tigers”. The game is designed for children age 3 and up, but even my 2-year-old daughter enjoyed this one!

The game also comes with advanced cards, which are beneficial for children learning to read. With those cards, you look for things that start with the letter “A”, “B”, “C”, etc. That is a nice feature because it ensures that we can enjoy this game for awhile.

Next up came the best game, Let’s Play Count and Cook. My son LOVES to cook. It’s something special that we like to do together, and he is getting really good at it. I was thrilled with this game. It’s a board game that comes with a “recipe” book, and you move your little chef token around the board, trying to land on the ingredient cards you need for the recipe you’re making.

The recipe book contains a couple of actual recipes (like peanut butter chocolate chip cookies – Yum-o!), as well as kitchen safety tips, and fun facts like how to tell how old an egg is. This game is super fun, educational, and the little chef tokens are just super cool!

If you are looking for some great educational games for your preschooler, check out these and other games from Cranium Bloom! These games are now available at Target, and you can find them on Amazon. Visit the Cranium Web site to learn more about these and other Cranium games. There is nothing more fun than educating your children through play!


Mo said...

Free stuff by blogging is always cool!
Mostly, I get books.
Count & Cook sounds like fun!

Sunrunner said...

Very cool! I like the Cranium games too. I will look out for these. Thanks!