Friday, January 25, 2008

The Devil Weed

To really understand this post, you must understand how much I absolutely hate the spice Rosemary. It is the nastiest weed ever, and I can’t believe that people actually put it on food. I think it tastes like mold. Seriously. And I really can’t understand why no one else sees this. My husband thinks I’m a nut because when I taste something I can tell if there is one spec of rosemary in it. Nasty-ass stuff!

That being said, we were at Whole Foods the other day, perusing frozen foods. Eli spotted these Belgian waffles he thought looked good, so we bought a box – 7-Grain Healthy Belgian Waffles.

The next morning, I fixed Eli a waffle, and I thought it looked good, so I decided to make myself one, too. However, I don’t really like the sugar-free syrup we buy for Eli (as much as he pours on, I started buying sugar free). I dug out some maple syrup we had in the back of the pantry. I drenched my pancake in maple syrup and took a big bite. And immediately spit it out. I tasted Rosemary. Blech!

I told Eric, “This waffle is disgusting.” Eric asked what was wrong with it because it looked fine to him. I said, “It just tastes nasty.”

So Eric took a big bite. And immediately spit it out. I said, “See?”

He shouted, “It’s not the waffle that’s bad. It’s the syrup! The syrup’s gone bad,” he said as he was gagging and trying not to throw up. “I can’t believe you just fed me moldy syrup!”

I said, “Syrup goes bad?” (Seriously, I didn’t know this, did you?) Eric just made a frustrated grunt since he was still spitting in the sink. I said, “Well, I didn’t feed it to you. I didn’t tell you to eat it.”

He said, “Well, why didn’t you tell me it tasted moldy?!”

I said, “Because I just thought the waffle had Rosemary in it.”

He glared at me. “You can’t tell the difference between Rosemary and MOLD?!”

“Exactly,” I said. “Now do you see why I hate Rosemary so much!”

He was not amused.


Thea said...

LOL! I think that was a perfectly valid argument!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Bwahahahahahahaha, now this is rich. Yes syrup goes bad if you don't refrigerate after you open. Oh honey, your life is just plain interesting as heck. Have a great day and weekend. :)

Tee said...

I didn't know syrup needed refrigerated. We always just keep ours in the pantry, even after opening. Hmmmmm....

I do know that TOOTHPASTE expires. Shocking, huh? Seriously, if you look at your tube of toothpaste you will see an expiration date. I discovered this one day on accident. I don't know if expired toothpaste would taste bad, hurt you, or just quit whitening. LOL It does expire though!

Oh, I don't like rosemary either.

Mo said...

Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs.

I've had syrup (opened) in my pantry for YEARS and it never went bad.
Must be the sugar-free shit.

Moral of the story: buy the real syrup.

Julie said...

Hmmm i have never refrigerated syrup and I LOVE rosemary...the fresh kind..grown in my herb garden in the pretty little pots.

Christine said...

Mo STOLE my whole comment. I love love love fresh rosemary. But to each her own!

Lois Grebowski said...

I'm that way about a couple other herbs. And with my super-sensitive palate it gets even more frustrating!

SF syrup needs refrigeration. I think the sugar alcohols is what gives out the funk...

Sanni said...

That´s priceless, Neila. I also didn´t know the syrup can go bad. Have to check ours *g*

We like rosemary, but only when it´s fresh.

Happy weekend!

P.S.: Luis completed his first MEME and took the liberty of tagging Georgia. Hope it´s okay. Let the little ones rule =)