Friday, November 30, 2007

Click and Shop

I do not like to shop. Maybe I'm the anti-woman, but seriously, if I have to be in the mall for a long period of time, I start to hyperventilate. I don't like all the people. I don't like sales pressure, and I don't like spending money I don't have on things I don't need (which I always manage to do).

What's worse is spending hours searching for something and not buying anything at all.
When online shopping was invented, I fell to my knees and gave thanks. Woo hoo! Anything to keep me out of the mall at the holidays. I live two minutes from the mall, and at this time of the year, there are actually policemen there directing traffic. It's crazy.

In fact, I have almost all of my shopping done, and I have managed to do it all online except for one brief trip to Target. Eric is getting into the online spirit, too, except he has discovered a slight glitch.

All packages are delivered during the day when I am home and he is not. I don't open anything, but the problem is that companies are very proud of their products and the boxes say exactly what they are. Dude! I'm trying, but I can't ignore a box that says "Canon Digital Camera" with a picture on the side. (I'm very excited about that gift, by the way!)

When I called Eric and said, "A new camera with a printer?! Thank you!!" His response was something I can't repeat here. He was not happy. He finally decided that if I only knew one of my presents, it wasn't a big deal.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of things. I had talked about how much I wanted a nice espresso machine. My thought is that I could really cut down the cost of my Starbucks trips if I had the machine and all the syrups to make my drinks at home. Right?

So last week, guess what package arrived? "Ghiradelli Flavored Syrups" Woo hoo! That means I am getting my espresso machine. Eric was pissed. I am thrilled! Merry Christmas to me!

Now, I really have to finish my shopping. A few more point and clicks, and I'm almost done.

Incidentally, if anyone wants to buy some great gifts online, be sure to check out The Wren's Nest, owned and operated by my friend Morgen of It's A Blog Eat Blog World. He has some awesome products and super great prices. It's the perfect online spot for the perfect gift. Click below to visit The Wren's Nest now, or click on the icon in my sidebar to the right. Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

I'll be over on the 26th for espresso!


Mo said...

Thanks for the plug!
I'm hitching a ride with Lois and we'll be there on the 26th!