Friday, November 23, 2007

Georgia on YouTube

I have been attempting for so long to capture Georgia on video singing because it's too cute. The problem is that every time I pull out the camera, she stops what she's doing and says "CHEESE!" even if it's a video camera.

I was so happy this week because I thought I got a little bit of her singing. Eric said, "Ummm, that's YOU singing. Georgia's just playing piano." Well, f*#* it! I decided to post it anyway.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!


Desert Songbird said...

Very, very cute. Yay, Georgia!


Amy said...

Awww!!! So cute :o) I love your blog - Never stop posting !!!

Crazy Working Mom said...

You've got quite a little star here! :)

Great video. She picked up in the end, Mom!