Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Am I Too Old For A Fist Fight?

I have decided that the phone nurse at my doctor’s office is evil to the core. Seriously. After our conversation today, I believe this woman has no soul. Isn’t it a nurse’s job to help patients?

When I called for antibiotics this morning, she wouldn’t even ask the doctor to prescribe them without seeing me first. (I was trying to get around an office visit since my children tend to veer toward the realm of crazy when I take them out in public.) When I asked this evil whore woman when I could come in, she said, “We don’t have any appointments available.”

Me: “So you can’t call in a prescription without seeing me, and you don’t have any office visits available?”
Her: “Well if you’re that bad, why don’t you go to urgent care?”

Oh no, she didn’t!!

I have now decided that I need to make an invention – one where I can reach through the phone line and bitch slap the person on the other end of it. Dude, as if I’m not having a hard enough day trying to entertain two bored children without leaving the house because I am sick, but now some bitch-ass nurse at the doctor’s office wants to rumble?

Then the woman all but hung up on me – yes really. I asked her to check with the doctor about the prescription and she sighed loudly and said “Fine” and hung up. She never called back.

I was going to call the office manager to complain, but instead I called scheduling to make an appointment with my doctor, who can get me in Wednesday morning. I think this whole nurse issue is a situation I need to deal with in person. And I plan to take my can of whoop-ass with me.


Donna. W said...

Let us know how it turns out!

Desert Songbird said...

Go get her, Neila! Seriously, though, don't forget to tell the doctor how rude this woman was. Most of the time, the doctors are clueless as to how badly their office staff treats the patients.

Sadie said...

I agree with DS. Once a nurse was really rude to me and my mom (a nurse) told me to either tell the doctor or write a letter to the doctor or group. Doctors and their staff are our employees, not friggin' gods. And my sister (the doctor) even agrees with me. :) I mean, seriously, what if someone at my office treated a client like that? No client would even think twice about calling me and bitching about it, and rightfully so.

You go get her, Neila!

withthanksgiving said...

You better because they always act like that. So yuppity. My doctors office has a side that does "urgent" care as well. Urgent meaning they let you sit there for 4 hours and he might pop in. Anyhow, I got in a fight with the lady last time cause I asked since I'm here anyhow can you also put down I want my prescriptions refilled. I was informed they don't do that. I said it's just a refill. I'm here anyhow. She refused to right it down on my file I wanted it. So when I was in with the doctor I asked and he was like sure not a problem. LOL Stupid B*&tch out front thought it was.

SQT said...

OMFG! I hate petty tyrants like that! I tend to flare-up when dealing with people like this, especially where my kids are concerned.

I have found that bullies usually back down when confronted. They're so used to getting away with the attitude they don't know what to do when someone decides they're not going to take it. I make it my mission in life not to take crap from people like that.

Gidget said...

What a jerk!
Hope your feeling better.
I would complain to the doctor when you go in...because that is not how you treat people.

Anonymous said...

It's Wednesday night... hope everything worked out. I completely understand your frustration.

peanut butter said...

you can take her. get your kids to sit on her, and knock her out. haha. =] j/k

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I agree that the docs often don't know and are usually sympathetic. That being said, knock that fucking bitch into next week and take pictures for next week's Wordless Wednesday. I am sure you would be doing the rest of the patients a public service. LOL