Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Dora Potty

It’s that joyous time once again – none other than potty training. This is the most torturous thing a parent can go through with a 2-year-old. We decided it was about time to take this step with Georgia.

So far when I have talked about the potty, she has just looked at me like I am a crazy person. That is until I showed her the Dora potty. Ta Da!!! When I showed her a picture of this, she started jumping up and down. “PEE PEE DORA POTTY! PEE PEE DORA POTTY!”

Woo hoo! Could it really be this easy? I went to Babies R Us on Thursday afternoon and we bought the Dora Potty. On Friday morning, I had it all set up and ready to go. As soon as Georgia saw it, her pants were off. “PEE PEE DORA POTTY!” She sat and sat and sat. We sang songs. And then she got up and stood right in front of the potty and peed on the floor. She pointed down and happily proclaimed, “I PEED!”

I tried to explain how we go pee IN the potty, not BY the potty. She still seemed interested. A large part of the day, all she wanted to do was sit on her Dora potty. Yet every time she had to pee, she would get up and stand in front of the potty and pee on the floor. *sigh*

On Saturday, Eric tried with her. Same thing. On the floor. I still had hopes because at least over the weekend, she still wanted to sit on the potty. This morning, when she woke up, I took her into the bathroom first thing and asked, “Do we want to try to go pee in the Dora potty?”

She very happily looked at me and in a sing song voice said, “Nooooooo, Mama!” And that was it. So ends stage one of Georgia’s potty training. Next up – the sticker chart.


Patois said...

If I were a Dora and Boots fan, I wouldn't ever want to actually pee on them. In front of them, sure. On them? Nah! That's one heck of a cool potty.


What a cute potty! Don't worry, she will "get" it....maybe patois is right...it's just so cute, she doesn't want to pee on it.

Mom not Mum said...

LOL Maybe she just doesn't want to pee on dora? Good luck! I had 1 who just did the "don't pee on your buzz lightyear underwear" and that was it. The 2nd one had a potty chart to go to McDonald's and the girl? Well she started PT at 18months - you could put her in panties and be gone all day long and she would tell you she had to go potty in EVERY store we went in to but as soon as you got home she would sit on the couch and pee. LOL She was 2 1/2 when she totally trained.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

We've had quit the similar experience so far with our 2 year old too!! Emma is quite content to sit on the potty when we go potty or other times after bath, first thing in the AM, etc...but will pee in the diaper not even 5 minutes after doing nothing on the potty. She had a few mornings where she got up, took off the diaper, went in and peed on the potty and we had some hope it was going to be THAT easy but now she's just not so interested, I knwo it will come in time. GOOD LUCK! :) Swap tips with me if you find anything that works well!