Thursday, November 22, 2007

13 Things I'm Thankful For

1. Starbucks – Coffee in general really, but since I’m loving the egg nog lattes and the peppermint white chocolate mochas (!!), I’m going with Starbucks.

2. Spot remover – It’s sad what my kids do to my carpet. Thank God for spot remover.

3. Rachael Ray – Do you know how many recipes I have stolen from this woman over the last year? Love her!

4. Sleep – Both mine and my children’s. I listen to horror stories of my friends who are up all night with their babies, and I am thankful that my children are at an age where they sleep through the night. Woo hoo!

5. Triaminic Strips – Eli has had a cold this week, and those things are a godsend – they melt right on his tongue.

6. Noggin – Anything that maintains my children’s attention long enough that I can clean the bathroom is a definite winner!

7. Peanut Butter Cookie Crisp – The best breakfast cereal ever!

8. Project Runway – What would Wednesday nights be without Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum? Make it work, people!

9. ebay – Where else can I buy eight pairs of jeans for my son (in a size 5 slim) for $25?!!

10. Stretchy jeans- This may be the greatest invention ever – particularly on Thanksgiving.

11. Stemless wineglasses – I am horrible at knocking over wineglasses. I have much better luck with these. Yea, Crate & Barrel!

12. Tylenol PM – Since I drink so much caffeine (see #1), this is about the only thing that gets me to sleep most nights.

13. Whole Foods – I love that flipping store! From their sweet potato fries, to their organic chocolate truffles, everything in that place is an indulgence.


kellyo75 said...

I love it! Especially with thekids sleeping through the night. I am so thankful for that, too.

Nicholas said...

Nice list. I love going to Starbucks too. Happy Thanksgiving.

damozel said...

Starbucks, yay! I'm having a great time reading these lists because they remind me---I'm prone to be melancholy---of all the things I LOVE. (Project Runway too, especially the divine Tim Gunn!)

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No Nonsense Girl said...

Nice list!!! Happy thanksgiving!!!!!

Country Dawn said...

I adore Rachel Ray! :)

Patois said...

Have you tried Reese's cereal? The kids swear by it.

Julia said...

#7 makes drool! I just love peanut butter :)

Happy TT and happy Thanksgiving!
Greets Julia

Sunrunner said...

Can you post a pic of your stemless wineglasses? Whole Foods is a great store, I just wish they weren't so expensive and closer to our house. Does caffeine actually keep you awake?? Or am I just freakily immune?

Thea said...

The only thing better than Noggin? Is Noggin On Demand...

And I would die without Starbucks. Literally drop over dead.