Monday, October 13, 2008

Manic Monday - Moon

This week’s Manic Monday word is Moon, and as I write this, I looked over to see my daughter’s bare bottom. Originally, I was going to write about something with the full moon for Halloween. I had a whole thing going on in my head about Friday the 13th and the “sh sh sh sh fu fu fu fu” music. Then I thought about my friend Andrea, the nurse, who cringes every month when there is a full moon because she gets all the crazies.

However, when I am constantly faced with my daughter mooning me, I feel that I need to write about that. She has been potty trained now for going on three months, but we have yet to get her to pull her pants up afterward. In the summer, she did okay because we put her in dresses all the time. But now that the weather is cooler, she is wearing pants, and apparently she deems them way to difficult to yank back up after using the bathroom. So what does she do? She pulls her pants down and kicks them completely off, uses the potty, and then runs around the house half-naked. I guess that’s not a huge problem when we’re at home, except for the fact that she sits like a guy with her legs spread wide open.

I would just prefer not to be mooned by my 3-year-old every five seconds. So I try to keep pants on her – a difficult task. I can’t wait until parent-teacher conference at preschool because I am really curious to see if she does the same thing there. Although, I have a feeling if she was running around, airing out her vajayjay, they would have told me by now . . . wouldn’t they?


Donna said...

When I was a child and assumed that kind of pose, my mom would say, "Put your legs down; you're taking my picture."

Thanks for reminding me of that.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

haha! Funny about wondering if Georgia moons at preschool...I don't Emma has used the potty at preschool yet except when I take her before or after school! I thinks he holds it because she always needs to go when we're out to lunch afterwards!

Mo said...

"airing out her vajayjay" made me Laugh Out Loud

Crazy Working Mom said...

Tyler will pull his down to his ankles, potty, and then waddle into the living room with them around his ankles!