Monday, October 27, 2008

Manic Monday - Ghost

This week’s Manic Monday word is Ghost! Oh, how I absolutely LOVE Halloween – when all the ghosts and goblins come out! Halloween is great fun now that we have kids, but even before kids, we always had a great time this time of year! Eric and I actually had our first date on Halloween weekend 1992.

The year we got married, 1994, we went to Boston in October to visit some friends. They took us to Salem, where they were having the Witches’ Festival. Now, THAT is a freaking AWESOME place to be at Halloween! Salem is full of ghosts and witches – one of which read my palm. Thank God her reading didn’t come true. She told me I was going to have twins.

A few years ago – 7 to be exact – Eric and I visited San Antonio in October. This was our last vacation before we had kids. I remember thinking how much fun it would be to stay in a haunted hotel. We stayed at the Emily Morgan, which is right across the street from the Alamo. This hotel is really haunted because it is an old hospital that was converted into a hotel. In fact, when you make a reservation and tell them you’re a ghost hunter, they’ll give you a discount.

It was all fun until I got the bright idea for us to take a ghost tour of downtown San Antonio. We learned all about the ghosts that frequent the Alamo, which was very cool. The freaky part was when the guy focused on our hotel and we heard about how haunted it really was. There was one room that they didn’t even rent out to people unless it was specifically requested because there were too many people who left the hotel screaming in the middle of the night due to the ghostly happenings in that room.

Now let me tell you, as cool as it is to stay in a haunted hotel, it certainly does not seem cool in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep and have to get up to go to the bathroom at 2 am. I actually woke my husband up to walk me to the bathroom in the middle of the night because I was that terrified. Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be staying in anymore haunted hotels. They are awfully fun to visit, but not spend the night in.


Anonymous said...

I'm sensitive to that kind of stuff. Hubby laughs it off. But not me... NO WAY!

You were brave to still stay after learning what you learned on the tour. You're a better woman than I am!

Desert Songbird said...

Ditto that! No WAY you'd ever get me to stay in a place like that.

earthlingorgeous said...

it's so weird that most ghostly experience happens at 2am! But yeah that is a pretty scary place to be and I am afraid of ghost! No way!

Talair said...

I give you lots of credit for staying at that hotel! I'd have made my husband come with me to the bathroom too.

Salem at Halloween - one of these days I'll get there!

Happy Monday!

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Linda said...

Way cool! Did you actually 'feel' anything while you were at the hotel?

I recently spent a day up in Salem and we did a Haunted Footsteps tour at night which was quite interesting as well as giving me lots of 'strange' pictures!

I'd like to go back up and stay at The Hawthorne Hotel which is reportedly haunted - maybe one of these days! I'll just make sure not to drink anything so I don't have to get up at 2:00 a.m. for any reason!

Jamie said...

There are some wonderful haunted hotel stories. I've always wanted to stay in the Del Coronado room that can only be rented to women because the ghost gets upset if there is a man in the room ... spooky stuff.

Polly said...

I think it is much more fun to watch those things from a safe distance, like across the airwaves on tv, cuddled up in my LR.

I would like to say I'm not scared of ghosts, but I wouldn't like my peace disturbed by paying money to stay in a haunted hotel.

Brave girl!

Sadie said...

Yeah, I won't be staying there on my next trip to San Antonio. ;) I'm too big of a weenie. I fully believe in ghosts and I don't really wish to meet one.

Gayle said...

There is no way I could stay in a haunted hotel! You are so brave. I get scared in my own house...last night I was coming out of the bathroom, and my son was coming down the hall. I screamed. He thought I was a fool. I'm a afraid of the dark and what is in it. You're crazy! (In a nice sort of way...) :)

Travis said...

I've never stayed in a haunted place like that before. I think I prefer my own ghosts.