Monday, October 06, 2008

Manic Monday - Leaf

This week’s Manic Monday word is Leaf. Thank you to Janna from Jannaverse for today's Manic Monday graphic!

When most people think of Leaves, they probably think of beautiful fall foliage. I, however, think of an increase in cat gak.

Yes, I’m a realist. I have a cat – Marcel – who loves to eat plants and leaves. It’s like chocolate mousse to him – I don’t get it. His favorite treat is dried up fall leaves. We have a lot of trees around our house, so there is never a shortage of leaves blowing around our house. I’m not quite sure why, but every time one of the kids runs through the door, they create enough of a wind gust that my living room looks like someone dumped out a bag of leaves on the floor.

That’s when Marcel pounces. No matter how much I sweep, there are always leaves on my floor from October through December (at least). I wouldn’t care so much that he ate them if he didn’t puke them all up in strategic places. Yes, Marcel likes the leaves, but they don’t like him. I dread the “crunch crunch crunch” chewing sound because I know that tasty leaf is going to end up as cat gak between my toes at 4 am the next morning when I’m walking to the bathroom.

And that’s another thing – why do cats have to gak it up in high-traffic areas? Why can’t they sidle over to the side of the room, or under the dining room table? Why do they have to throw up in the middle of the family room or kitchen, or (my personal favorite) in doorways? And usually in the middle of the night?

So, that is my curse. Yes, those fall leaves sure are pretty. Until they actually fall and then get hacked up by my cat.


Anonymous said...

Cat gak? Sheesh.

I have a weak stomach for people gak... I'd probably Gak if I saw cat gak...

earthlingorgeous said...

Hahahaha! I think the leaves gets prettier with a cat all over it hahahaha! Gak what's a gak? GAK! hahahaha! My <MMM is here

Jamie said...

Just acquired new kittens and the little boy will scarf down anything his mouth can find. Of course this means cat gak on the stairs, cat gak on the floors, cat gak ... well all sorts of inconvenient place. Fortunately for his life expectancy, he is really, really cute.

Talair said...

That's hilarious! Never had the leaf issue with our cat, but she sure did 'gak' in the highest traffic areas right at the bottom of the stairs. Happy Monday!

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bv said...

Oh, you definitely rock! This was a hilarious post and such a different take on today's theme!

CAT GAK! Love it...well the thought of it but not actually IT.

I have two kitties that are with my Mom right now but I don't miss the high traffic areas that get gunked up!

Sadie said...

Niiice. Nothin' like regurgitated foliage. ;)