Thursday, September 04, 2008

13 Things About My Week

1. My baby started preschool on Tuesday, and she did very well! She was happy as a clam to be left with all her new friends and teacher. I, on the other hand, walked out crying.

2. This was a perfect excuse for me to head to Starbucks and drown my sorrows in a triple-shot latte.

3. Today, I spent the afternoon with Eli at the doctor’s office.

4. This is not a fun experience when you’re there for an hour and a half, and Eli and Georgia are fighting.

5. My son became a total drama queen when they had to prick his finger.

6. We found out that he was positive for strep, and negative for mono.

7. This means I have to leave town on Saturday, and leave a sick child.

8. I think the universe is trying to give me something more to worry about than the actual flight.
9. I hate to fly. Is a 9:30 am flight too early to drink?

10. I’m still trying to figure out my iPod.

11. And my camera.

12. After buying a bunch of new clothes for the conference this weekend., I found out that we are supposed to wear a company T-shirt and jeans.

13. I’m not taking back my new clothes.


Desert Songbird said...

Now why would you need to take back the new clothes? *grin*

Mo said...

Well, at least it's not mono!

Have you started taking Airborne yet?
I'm buying mine at the grocery store tonight. I don't want to get sick from the plane trip.

And, DS is right - why should you need to take back new clothes? (go ahead, Eric, slap me silly)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't take the stuff back either, you may need it for later...

Hope Eli gets better soon!

Gayle said...

Not only should you not take them back, maybe you should get one more outfit just incase you misinformed about the company shirt and need them!

Brenda ND said...

You poor kid. What an adventure you had at the doctor's office. Hope your trip goes well.

Debbie said...

Glad it's not mono.

I wouldn't take the clothes back either.

verabear said...

Oh I'd keep the clothes too. :) I wish you didn't mention Starbucks, now I have an excuse. Haha :)

check out my TT

Donna said...

Boo for Strep, Yay for no mono!

I wouldn't take new clothes back, either...

Great list. Have fun on your trip.

Check mine out here.

Noner said...

I've read about several first time school kids. They all seem to be adjusting better than the parents. -grin-

My hubby was a drama queen when they had to take blood for us to get a marrige license. He HATES needles.

Hooray for new clothes, no matter how they came about. -grin-