Friday, September 12, 2008

Circus Trip

Okay, we took the kids to the circus on Wednesday night. It didn’t start off well because it was loud, and Georgia was scared to death. She sat on my lap and wrapped her arms in a death grip around my neck, burying her head in my chest. She warmed up when the animals came out, so it got better. She really seemed to enjoy the tigers and the elephants.

However, things took a serious downturn when it was time for the human cannon. That thing is loud. So loud that it scared Georgia, who then peed all over my lap. Dude! This is the second time this has happened. Luckily, that was toward the end of the show, so we left shortly after. But still.

My only other complaint about the circus is that it is so expensive. For a snowcone in a souvenir cup - $9. If it was a souvenir cup that lights up - $16. A box of popcorn? $7. So yes, I spent $32 on two snowcones and a box of popcorn. Dude! That is so wrong!


Crazy Working Mom said...

We went to High School Musical on Ice and it was $12 for a bag of cotton candy!!! It came with a "souvenir" hat on top. Heh!

Gayle said...

Dude! I thought there was going to be a photo of the snow cone thingy! Peed in your lab. I have not experienced that sensation and don't care to. :)