Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When's my next vacation?

One week after being home from New York, and I am ready for another trip. We had torrential rain over the weekend, which somehow resulted in our house being infested with large black ants. I hate ants. They’re almost as bad as spiders in that they like to pop up at the most inopportune moments. Like in the kids’ bedrooms right before bed. I went into the bedrooms tonight ti see Eli standing on the bed, yelling “Squish it, Georgia! Step on it!” And Georgia was running around after an ant. Dude! That is so wrong!

Then I have to deal with the children not eating each and every day. Tonight for dinner, we had chicken and polenta. The children refused to try dinner, and after a few moments of arguing, Eric had enough. He stabbed a forkful of polenta and held it up to Eli’s face. He informed Eli that he was not allowed to leave the table until he tried it. Eli reluctantly took the bite of polenta, turned to me, gagged twice – long enough for me to say “oh no” – and then he threw up everywhere. Luckily, I have fairly good reflexes, so I was able to back up enough so the flying vomit just hit my arm, and went mostly all over the floor.

I looked at Eric, who was shaking his head in a combination of disgust and disbelief, and I said, “I am soooo not cleaning that up.” Dude, seriously! If you are the one who decides to force feed the children, then you are the one who has to deal with the aftermath. That is all I have to say!

Somebody tell me, when is my next vacation? While you’re pondering that, I need to go stomp some more ants!

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Gayle said...

Your husband must be like my husband where they grew up not having a choice in what they eat, having the ability to eat and like everything, and eating everything on their plate. Drives me nuts! So what if the kids grows up only eat a small variety of foods. That's me and I'm fine. He always tells me I'm missing out. SO what?! So I'll miss out. It will be fine and so will the kids. I so would not have cleaned up the vomit either. Silly, silly man. :)