Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mommy's a wreck!

I'm late in posting my blog today mostly for the fact that Georgia started preschool this morning, and I've just been an emotional wreck. She seemed fine, except it will be really anxious to see if she listens to her teachers better than she listens to mommy or if they have a problem with her tantrums like we do.

One thing I have noticed about both Eli's and Georgia's schools is that they waste no time requesting money. In Eli's second week of school, the kids are already selling stuff. We're selling the Entertainment Books for $20. Some of you may have received an email from me. I should point out that the Entertainment Books are specific to your area. So if anyone is interested in buying one, shoot me an email. So far, we've bought one, and Eric's parents have bought one. Yes, we've sold two. woo hoo.

When I dropped Georgia off this morning, they had a list of school supplies we needed to bring, along with $5 for a "processing fee". Dude, I don't even know what that means. I paid a $40 "registration fee" in the Spring when she enrolled. I don't know what that's for either. They should just start charging a "we can't think of any reason to charge you money, so we're just coming up with an inane fee" fee. That's probably coming next week.

Tomorrow, I will post pictures of Georgia's first day of preschool. *sniff*


Thea said...

I'm with you on the fees. The thing that sucks most for me is the fact that we are moving...which means all the fees we had to pay for the first school will all have to be paid again for the new school.

Not to mention new school supplies.

And the forms. Oy vey, THE FORMS!

Mo said...

A five dollar processing fee? For the list of school supplies?
For a 5 cent xerox copy - they're making some ginormous profit there!
I need to be in school fees - that's where the profits are!!!

Crazy Working Mom said...

We had a $5 supply fee for Kindergarten this year ON TOP of all of the "supplies" like chlorox clean ups, dry erase markers, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc. It's crazy!