Friday, September 19, 2008

Qlubb - Get Organized!

If anyone has read my blog, you know that I am about the least organized person on the face of the earth. I try so hard to stay organized, so anytime there is a new tool out there to help me, I get very excited.

When I found out that Mom Central teamed up with Qlubb to take your organizational skills to a whole new level, I was thrilled!

Qlubb is a web-based service that helps organize your real-life groups online, providing all the functions needed to easily and actively participate within a group. Qlubb allows you to connect, plan meetings, assign responsibilities and share pictures with all of the members of your group at once. Features include an event calendar, sign-up sheets, member rosters, a task reminder service, and bulletin boards, which every member of your community can access and update from their home computers.

This could not have come at a better time for me because I went to a PTA meeting the other night and got roped into being Head Room Mother. (I’m still trying to figure out exactly how that happened.) At first, I wasn’t too concerned because I thought about what the room mothers did when I was in grade school. They brought cupcakes, passed them out, and then sat and talked to each other. I can do that. Well, apparently, things are different now. You have to organize which parents are helping with which party, what they’re bringing, and you have to plan games and activities. Dude! Seriously!

Anyway, Qlubb is the perfect way for me to keep all of this organized as Apache Elementary’s newest Head Room Mother!! The best part is that it is easy, and it’s FREE! Accessing and using the site is incredibly easy for even if you’re not computer savvy. Qlubb's secure sign-in protects group information, so only members of your group have access. However, participants don't have to individually register and can simply sign in using the group password.

Visit to try it out today. You will love it no matter what it is you’re trying to organize. I know you will find it as incredibly helpful as I did!

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