Thursday, September 11, 2008

13 Things About My New York Trip

1. This was the first time I had met the people that I have worked with online (some of them for almost four years), and I was pleased to know that the friendships you make online translate very well to real life.

2. The drivers are extremely skilled in New York. Dude! When the car was taking me from the airport to the hotel, I had to close my eyes about three times while my driver weaved in and out of traffic.

3. The drivers REALLY like to use their horns.

4. The panhandlers are more expert than the ones here in Kansas City. New York panhandlers don’t just ask you for money. They come up to you with a long, detailed story. Then they ask for money.

5. Going through security at LaGuardia airport is not fun. They yell at you.

6. I’m shocked I didn’t get mugged, as I walked down 7th Avenue with my big “I Love New York” bag in one hand, and my camera in the other hand. Next time, I might just have “tourist” tattooed on my forehead.

7. I LOVE New Yorkers! I have never been much for quiet people – I always think they’re hiding something. New Yorkers are loud (like me) and say exactly what’s on their minds. I LOVE that!!

8. I got to experience one of those few times in life when you click with someone, and you know in moments that you have found a true friend. This is Nirel:

9. As cool as New York looks on TV, it is soooooo much cooler in person. In fact, I think my coolness factor has gone up just because I visited New York. Yippee!

10. I discovered that I really miss the corporate world. Oh, did I really say that?! I think I miss the adult interaction. I can’t tell you how nice it was to have conversations about other adults that didn’t have anything to do with children.

11. Even though I loved having a break, I still can’t be away from my children for two days without crying. I know – I’m a big wuss.

12. I thought drinks were expensive in KC. I don’t think that anymore after drinking a $10 Cosmo in NYC. (and it was really little)

13. I love my company! I can’t wait to go to New York and see them all again.

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