Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yum Yum Yoplait - Free Sample!

To be perfectly honest, the easiest way to get my daughter to eat something is to slap a picture of Dora or Diego on it. I am just lucky enough that Yoplait Kids does this with their healthy sip-able and spoon-able yogurts!

The great people at Mom Central and Yoplait sent samples of both yogurts so my kids could try them out. We already spend gobs of money on yogurt, so I was very pleased to receive some samples for free!

Yoplait Kids sip-able and spoon-able yogurts provide calcium, vitamins A and D, and Omega-3 DHA, which helps brain development. They come in kid-friendly flavors like banana, strawberry, peach and vanilla.

My son, Eli, prefers the spoonable yogurts, and can have one gone in about 10 seconds flat. My daughter, Georgia, on the other hand, wishes that all of her food came in drinkable form. She loves her chocolate milk, juice, and she loves her drinkable yogurt! She loves the taste, and I love the fact that they are portable and nutritious! They come in a six-pack, and she can have all of them gone in a day! And it doesn’t hurt that they display her favorite Nick Jr. characters like Dora, Diego, Blue and The Backyardigans!

No doubt about it, Yoplait Kids yogurt gets a thumbs up on all fronts from my whole family!

If you would like to score your own free samples of Yoplait Kids yogurt, visit their Web site at and sign up for a coupon for free Yoplait Kids yogurt!

* Please note: This coupon offer for free Yoplait Kids yogurt is not valid in some states, including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota and Tennessee. Offer good while coupon supplies last.

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