Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Breakfast BREAKS!

So, my son is now opening my mail! When the kind folks at Mom Central sent me samples of Breakfast BREAKS last week, Eli had the box open before I could say “Boo!”

He was yanking the Breakfast BREAKS out, yelling, “I want one! I want one NOW!” Since my son barely eats, I get very excited whenever he finds something healthy he wants.

Right now, his favorite things to eat are Lunchables and Kid’s Cuisines, so Breakfast BREAKS were right up his alley. Imagine Lunchables for breakfast! Each convenient package contains a balanced breakfast, including a serving of cereal (my son’s favorite is the one with Cinammon Toast Crunch), Minute Maid 100% fruit juice, and a nutritious snack, like a fruit and cereal bar.

Lord knows my mornings are stressful enough as it is. It’s almost impossible to get the children to eat a healthy breakfast before it is time to head out the door. Anytime I find something to make my day a little easier, I jump on it!

Breakfast BREAKS are wonderful. They don’t have to be refrigerated. I store them on the snack shelf of my pantry. They can be enjoyed as a sit-down breakfast, along with a little milk on your cereal, or you can eat them on the go! My son prefers to eat his cereal dry, so if we are running late, Breakfast BREAKS are something he can enjoy in the car. He just sits back there and leisurely enjoys his cereal, fruit bar and juice box, and by the time we get to preschool, I am happy in the fact that we made it on time, and he has had a healthy breakfast. Breakfast BREAKS even come complete with a spoon, napkin and moist towlette for those extra messy mornings.

Besides breakfast, you can enjoy them for any meal, or they make a great snack for any time of the day. These pre-packaged Breakfast BREAKS are a perfect fit for your child’s backpack! You can choose from Breakfast BREAKS containing Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios and Lucky Charms, so there is one for everybody’s preference.

Breakfast BREAKS are available in grocery stores everywhere, so stock up now! Just visit to see where they are available in your area. Enjoy!

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