Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Movie Madness

On Saturday, we decided to go for an adventure. We took Georgia to her first movie! Our cable company was having some customer appreciation thing, and invited us to a free movie – The Bee Movie. We decided this was a perfect time to see how Georgia did at a movie because if we had to leave in the middle of it, at least it was free. Plus, they were giving away a Wii as a door prize! Win win!

Things didn’t start off well because I woke up sick on Saturday morning. Eric was sick last week, and it finally hit me. The kids were so excited for the movie, and I couldn’t let Eric take both of them by himself. So off I went to the movie with 102 degree temperature.

The place was absolutely packed! Apparently a free movie is all it takes to get everyone out of the house on a cold Saturday morning.

Georgia actually did very well. We had to sit there forever before the movie started, and I was actually surprised that she was so content. She seemed to be having a lot of fun doing some people-watching. Finally, they did the drawing for the door prize (we didn’t win the Wii), and the movie started.

When it first came up on the big screen, Georgia said, “Woooow!” Then she was pretty much done. She decided it was more fun to climb mommy like a jungle gym than it was to sit and watch the movie. Then she started scratching my face, going “Teeekle, teekle!” Then she stuck her foot in front of my face and said, “I want do piggies!” (aka This Little Piggy Went To Market)

I said, “Georgia, don’t you want to watch the bees?” She laughed and said, “Noooo!”

I did finally get her to calm down and sit in her chair for a few minutes. That didn’t last long because she was holding her Sprite, which she promptly turned upside down and dumped in her chair. Crap! I feel really sorry for the person who sat in that seat for the next show.

Overall, I would say it went well. It may not sound like it, but she did a heck of a lot better than Eli did when I took him to a movie at that age! Next up, this summer we plan to take the kids to see Horton Hears A Hoo. That gives me a few months to rest up.


Anonymous said...

Give it time and a lot of patience...

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I've thought aobut taking Emma to her first movie too recently and think you were smart to try a freebie first! I'd be annoyed to spend the money it costs to go to a movie only to have to leave partway through or something. Sorry to hear you were feeling sick too! Hope you are feeling better!

Thea said...

I was so happy when Jake sat still the first time he went...

I can't wait for Horton to come out yet, too...I'm just a little concerned that the ads keep saying "Not yet rated". Um, isn't it a given that a Dr. Seuss should be a G?