Monday, October 29, 2007

Manic Monday - Trick or Treat

This week’s Manic Monday theme is Trick or Treat. I thought about going several different ways with this, but as I sit here, utterly exhausted, I’m thinking I can just tell you about my weekend.

Actually, I might split the weekend into a couple of blogs because it was THAT eventful. We took the kids to Old Shawnee Town on Saturday night, where there are Historic Hauntings and trick-or-treating, and on Sunday, we went to Boo at the Zoo (sponsored by Hershey’s – yum yum), and Sunday night, we went to Trunk or Treat at Eli’s Preschool. The story I’m going with for today’s blog is from Trunk or Treat.

When I was little, trick-or-treating consisted of the whole house-to-house thing, but it seems trunk or treat is very big here. At Eli’s preschool, several of the church members opened up (and decorated excessively) the trunks of their cars, and filled them with candy. The kids loved it, and made out like bandits! Then we went inside, and there were snacks, arts and crafts, and games! It was awesome! Dude, they didn’t have anything like this when I was a kid.

Now, here’s the kicker. The entire time we were there, we were being stalked by an old woman. Oh, you heard me right. It started outside when we went by her trunk. Apparently Georgia looks exactly like her granddaughter (now 27) did at the same age. The woman was almost in hysterics sharing this information with me.

Then we went inside for fun and games. There was the lady again. This time, she came over and wanted to chat seriously. Her granddaughter’s name was Callie, and she wanted to know if our daughter’s name was Callie. I said, “No, it’s Georgia.” She was extremely disappointed, as if this was a personal affront to her, and said, “You mean her name’s not Callie?” Okay, that’s when I started to think this woman might not have all her marbles. We talked for awhile longer, she went on and on about how much Georgia looked like this Callie person, and then we snuck off.

The kids were playing games in the game room, when old woman sneaks up behind me, and I hear, “I can’t BELIEVE her name’s not Callie.” Okay, psycho, get away from my child. Now given, I was very tired after Boo at the Zoo and Trunk or Treat was zapping the last of my energy, but still.

We were finally ready to leave. The kids were tired, cranky, and we had plied them with candy just so we could goad them into taking a picture. We were in the parking lot on the way to the car, and guess who pops up. Dude! She had to have been following us. She stopped Eli first and asked him if he was Callie's older brother. Okay, freakshow, her name's Georgia. Then the woman said to me and the guy who was with her (son? grandson?) “She looks EXACTLY like Callie did at that age.”

I gritted my teeth and said, “Yeah, and she looks EXACTLY like I did at that age too. Imagine that!” Luckily, the guy with crazy old woman started laughing. Thank god, he thought I was funny and not bitchy. I meant it in a funny tone, but sometimes when you’re tired, things don’t come out right.

*sigh* The things I go through for free candy.


Crazy Working Mom said...

We went to Boo @ The Zoo one year and I will never go back. It was WAY too crowded and not nearly as much fun as I thought it should be for the headache. *LOL*

Glad you got out of there with Callie, errr...umm...I mean Georgia in tact!

Shelia said...

Wow, that's a REAL Halloween tale. Happy MM!

Durward Discussion said...

Now you know why Callie never shows up anymore.

Gattina said...

What a story ! I wonder what happens to the real Callie that her grandma is so obsessed !
Halloween period seems to be very tireing for you, lol ! I never had this problem it just wasn't celebrated in Belgium !

Ian said...

See, that's just plain creepy.

Happy Manic Monday!


Anonymous said... candy is more gooder!

Desert Songbird said...

Girlfriend, weird stuff just follows you like a cloud, doesn't it?

Sandee said...

What Desert Songbird said. You have the most interesting live. You really, really do. That old broad will show up at your house one day. Have a great MM. :)

Sunrunner said...

That's sad. Who knows why that poor woman was stuck with that image of her granddaughter at that age in her head.

Mary said...

Whoa, that's so creepy! I think I would have felt the same way you did.

I bet you are exhausted! Great post though, happy MM :D

Mo and The Purries said...

So... her name's NOT Callie???

Never heard of Trunk or Treat -- at least your church is open-minded enough to do something fun for the kids. Down in Virginia where my mom lives, there is a BIG movement to BAN Halloween (WTF?) because it is "evil" --- and they are all doing "harvest" celebrations instead at churches. But no one is allowed to carve pumpkins or dress up in costumes or anything.

I say we ship Callie's granny down there and show 'em what EVIL is really like.
Bwwahahahaha ahahha hahha ha

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Creepy lady! Good lord!

We had two ladies in those electric scooters come trick-or-treating yesterday when we handed out candy! We threw them a popcorn ball to send them on their way but they were quite chatty!

Travis Cody said...

Happy MM!