Friday, October 12, 2007


What a week! Just when you have been bombarded with sick children, and have had vomit and diarrhea flying everywhere, and didn’t think the week could get any worse, it does.

On Tuesday of this week, my husband was on his way home from work and totaled his car. He is fine, and that is the only thing that matters. At least that is the only thing that mattered until I got over the initial euphoria that he was alive and okay, and began trying to figure out how we were going to afford another car.

I won’t even go into what happened with his accident. It involves him running a “yellow” light. He doesn’t think it’s funny when I tell that story using air quotes. Anyway, it’s only been two days, so I haven’t been able to find any humor in this situation yet. It’s got to be there somewhere. Right?

So, I would like to apologize that I haven’t visited your blog this week. I’m already horrible for visiting and not commenting, but this week I’ve been horrible for not even visiting. I’ve been too busy scrubbing poop stains out of children’s pants, providing free chauffer service for my husband, dealing with Georgia’s two-year molars, and nursing a headache that hasn’t gone away in two days. And no one has even tipped me.

Next week will be better, right?


Desert Songbird said...

I'm glad hubby is safe and sound. As for next week being better? Eh, that's what I thought this week would be like for me - better than last week. I'm still waiting.


Donna. W said...

I hope insurance will help with the car?

I do lots of visiting and not commenting myself.

And I do remember the days of sick children. Take care, you're liable to be the next one sick!

Sandee said...

Glad hubby is okay. That's the most important part. You really have the most interesting life. You really do. Mine is so boring compared to yours. Have a great day and weekend. :)

Leeann said...

This week is coming to an end and next will most DEFINITELY be better! I am glad your hubby is fine and uninjured. And at least this is a good time of year to buy a car...get a closeout from last year's models.


Crazy Working Mom said...

Oh, bless your heart sweetie! I'm so glad that he's okay. Just don't choke him!! *LOL*

It will be better next week, I promise!!!

Patois42 said...

Do you have a tip jar?

Oh, that just stinks all around. (No pun intended re: stink.) Thankfully, your husband walked away intact.

Sunrunner said...

I hope your week is starting out better!