Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Diaper Dealer

Why does my daughter seem to poop in her diaper every time we leave the house? I don’t get it. She has a nice leisurely morning at home to do her business, and nothing. But the second we leave to go somewhere – like to the grocery store, or preschool to pick up Eli – Boom! The eagle has landed! *sigh*

And it’s not just a little poop. It’s not as if she’d be happy to squeeze out a couple of pellets and call it good. Oh no! When we are in public, the more people there are around us, the bigger and smellier the poopy becomes. It’s like it’s a personal quest for Georgia to try and outdo herself each time.

Knowing this fact, you would be amazed at the number of times I forget to bring a diaper with me.

Last week, we were at Gymboree. Sure enough, we were there for about 10 minutes when the smell began. I didn’t even have to lean down to sniff Georgia’s butt to notice where it was coming from.

I had run out of diapers in my humongo purse/diaper bag the day before because I had to change Georgia’s stinky pants when she let one loose in the middle of Super Target, so I forgot to put more diapers in my purse when I got home.

So, I was trying to figure out how to deal with this. My first thought was to ignore it. Maybe no one else would get close enough to Georgia or everyone would be cursed with severe hay fever and wouldn’t be able to smell. It quickly became clear that plan was not going to work.

I finally laughed and said, “Of course Georgia decides to poop as soon as we leave the house, and I forgot a diaper.” Well, apparently the smell was worse than I thought because the other moms were tripping over themselves shoving diapers at me so I could go and change her.

Okay, here’s the other thing. I am frugal. Since, Georgia is petite, she is still in size 3 diapers. She could wear a size 4, but I think it’s silly to move up to the more expensive next size when she can still wear a size 3. The little girl who loaned us the diaper was several months younger (and quite smaller) than Georgia and was wearing a size 4. WTF?!

And, they pulled out a Pampers Swaddler. Dude! I buy the cheapest possible diapers I can that don’t leak (Luvs). That’s right, we tried everything down to Wal-Mart generic, but Luvs is the cheapest you can get before the diaper starts leaking. Do you know how expensive Pampers Swaddlers are?

Hell, I am counting the days until Georgia is potty trained and I won’t have to buy diapers for the first time in six years. And there are other moms out there who are so joyfully amidst the poo that they are swaddling their children in expensive diapers the size of bath towels. I don't get it.


Anonymous said...

LOL...Thank goodness my 2 are out of diapers! It was so cool not to have to fork out all that money every month!
By the way, love your daughters name!

Two Crazy Moms

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

We buy Huggies and always have. They're the only diapers I trust not to leak or explode and with buying in bulk and using coupons, they're not horribly expensive usually. :)

Desert Songbird said...

The only diapers my kids didn't leak out of were Pampers. Call me extravagant (and we tried them all), but I figured no leaks were worth the expense.

BTW, a trick I alway did was to buy an extra package of diapers and keep it in the back of the truck. I never ran out when we had "away from home" accidents.

Donna. W said...

You think YOU'RE frugal? This old 63-year-old granny still can't believe people use disposable diapers, when you could buy cloth ones and wash them.

Mom not Mum (Sandy) said...

LOL I am with you on diaper conservation. Mine NEVER used anything bigger than a 4 yet I knew people with smaller children insisting they needed 5's or bigger. Whatever, your pocket book and your kids saggy big diapered bottom.

We were a huggies household though - they worked for all 3 kids.

Sandee said...

Bwahahahaah, sorry Neila, but I thought this was funny. You wrote it so well that I had a visual. Bwahahahah. I've been there and can so relate, but you really made me laugh with the excellent way you wrote this. Have a poopless day. :)

withthanksgiving said...

We use to buy the Sam's Warehouse brand in bulk. I would make the kids wear them until we ran out before buying the next size. I found they worked better than most other name brands and.... cost a whole lot less.

Maybe that mom saves those diapers for going out. Like a fine evening dress...

Kara said...

I completely understand. My boys wait until we are out to poop too, and if I forget the diaper bag you can be sure it's the biggest messiest diaper. I also buy cheap diapers, I see no point in spending a ton of money on something that just gets pooped on.