Monday, December 31, 2007

Manic Monday - Key

When I saw this week’s Manic Monday word was Key, I immediately thought of those key parties they supposedly had in the 70’s. Did those things really exist or is that just an urban myth?

Anyway, that thought didn’t last for very long because on Friday night my daughter woke up at midnight, and an interesting story ensued.

We like to have Georgia’s door open at night so we can hear her if she needs us. Before we went to bed around midnight, Eric went to open her door. Either she wasn’t asleep, or an open door was the shot of adrenaline a toddler needed to bolt upright in bed. “Daddy!” she screamed. Then she jumped out of bed and ran out of her bedroom to find me before Eric could catch her.

She quickly climbed into bed and began jabbering like she had just been on an adventure. She kept repeating the phrases, “Yo ho ho! I a pirate!” and “The blue key opens treasure chest! Treasure chest, mama! The blue key!” Over and over again. “Treasure chest, mama! The blue key!”

After about 30 minutes of this (Yes, we listened for awhile. She was quite entertaining.), we put her back to bed. I was wondering if she had some sort of manic dream, or if she was vividly remembering something she had seen on TV.

Flash forward to this afternoon. I put in Georgia’s Dora Saves The Mermaids DVD so I could get some work done on the computer. I have gotten to the point where I honestly block out most children’s television, but my head popped up when I heard the phrase “blue key.” Oh yes, a pirate parrot, nonetheless was proclaiming that you needed the blue key to open the treasure chest!

I quickly realized that on Friday night, Georgia wasn’t relating a dream, she was reciting Dora Saves The Mermaids! Mystery solved!

And so comes the knowledge that I should start paying more attention to what my children watch on television. Especially when I walked into the family room today and Eli was playing Legos on the floor while Eric watched Superbad.



Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Bwahahahahah. I used to block all that silliness out too. You just have to sometimes. What a great post for key though. Have a great MM and you and yours have a very Happy New Year. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL-- I can SO relate to this post, Neila!! My kids are always doing that to me :) Happy MM!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Yup, I immediately recognized the phrase! :)

Great story, Neila and happy Monday.

I've got the key to happiness over at
CrAzY Working Mom

Dont make me get out my flying Monkeys! said...

Please come by my blog and see if you can find the KEY to it! LOL I also have an advice question I need answered! Have a Great New year!

Gattina said...

That dream came on purpose for you, lol ! at least you had something nice to write for MM !
Happy New Year !

Ian Thomas Healy said...

LOL, Neila! I've been there so many times I can't even begin to count.

Happy MM!


Alice said...

What a great story!!!

My MM post is on the Key to World Peace. Come check it out!


Desert Songbird said...

And Eric blames YOU for the kids' choice in language? Helloooooo!

When my kids were little, I couldn't stand watching the kids programming, but I tried to limit them to PBS. I grew up on Sesame Street, and when my kids were really young, that seemed to suit them. As they got older, of course, it was and IS Disney.

And Harry Potter, and Pirates of the Caribbean, and...

The Ice Box

Julie said...

Oh man! Kids are a trip aren't they?

Travis said...

Happy MM and best wishes for a great 2008!

Rick said...

A Happy New Year to you. Check out the give-away on my blog. I think that you'll be glad you did.

The Greens said...

Happy New Year!!

Many blessings to you and the family!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I'm laughing as I read this, because my girls are addicted to this Dora episode to where they play act it out and watch it over and over. But until I read your post I knew nothing about a 'blue key' either! Guess I should probably sit down and watch it with them one of these days, huh. :)