Monday, May 28, 2007

Manic Monday - Red

Sorry I’m late today, kids. Maybe it’s the holiday, or the fact that the whole family is battling colds, or the fact that it has rained the entire holiday weekend. Grrrr.

Anyway, I have a story that fits perfectly with today’s theme. Today’s Manic Monday word is Red. At first I thought I could go patriotic. But I always try to do something a little different (as you can all attest from last week). I then thought I could post a great recipe for red velvet cupcakes.

Then we went to dinner on Friday. Just a quick dinner. Eric wanted Mexican food, and I wanted hamburgers. We went to Fuddruckers. I love that place just because the name sounds naughty. And they have great hamburgers. Eric warned me that was a mistake because they have video games and what not to attract kids. In my mind, I thought that would be better, because it was the type of establishment where we could get up and easily walk around with Georgia if she started her fit-throwing.

Well, she did flip out because she wanted out of the high chair. But she didn’t want to just run over and look at the games (which would have been fine), she wanted to climb on that thing that looks like a motorcycle with a screen in front of it and rocks side to side. You can imagine that was already occupied by a group of preteens. I was trying to drag Georgia away from it so she wouldn’t get stepped on. That caused her to throw herself on the ground and scream so loudly that I saw people behind the counter covering their ears.

Eric took her outside, and I went to go get boxes for our food so we could enjoy our dinner at home. I was boxing our dinner with Eli still running around and everyone staring at the mother of the loud girl, when a woman came up to me and said, “Nila? (she mispronounced my name) I thought that was you.” I looked up. Great. It was my old boss from like 12 years ago and she couldn’t even f*cking pronounce my name.

I said, “It’s NEILA! And hi.”

“Oh Neila. That’s right!” Then she proceeded to make small talk and ask what was wrong with my daughter. What is WRONG with my daughter?! Are you f*cking kidding me?! She’s two!! That’s what is WRONG with my daughter!

I finally got away from the woman, collected Eli, who was trying to shove his arm up the ball machine to see what he could get for free and went to get our free cookies so we could get out to the car. I’m sure Eric was wondering where the hell we were at this point, but you get a free cookie with your meal, and I sure as hell wasn’t leaving without that!

I get up to the counter, and I look at the girl with recognition as she smiles and says, “Well, hi!” I couldn’t believe this. It was the same girl who works the Walmart deli counter who gives us the popcorn chicken. The same girl who just last week made us popcorn chicken at 9:15 a.m. even though they don’t start making it until 9:30 a.m. just so Georgia wouldn’t throw a fit.

She said, “Was that your daughter crying?” *sigh* I got our cookies, grabbed Eli and got out of their before I ran into anyone else we knew.

Now, after reading all of this, you are probably wondering what the hell this has to do with Manic Monday. Well, here it is. I do NOT for the life of me understand what makes my daughter see RED. I try to appease her. I offer compromises. No deal. What do I do?! The toddler years are killing me, people. Killing. Me.


tegdirb92 said...

your post made me laugh...we have three toddlers in our house and I FEEL YOUR PAIN!! I read your previous post regarding the harness--we went to Disney last month and HAD TO use it. It made me worry less about losing our kids. Don't feel bad about it, sometimes it's a necessary evil :) Have a great week.

ian said...

I think it's time to introduce her to something we grownups like to call the appletini.

I bet you never have problems with her again after that.


Marilyn said...

You are absolutely right. There's nothing wrong with your daughter, she's just two. Unfortunately, three's not much better. We once went a whole year without eating out because the Daughter wouldn't behave. Parenthood is Hard. At least they deliver pizza. After they get old enough to understand consequences better I think it gets easier.

Jamie said...

Well, I survived having two only 20 months apart ... the terrible twos were an adventure to say the least. The only advice I can hand out is

Reward good behavior. Pay as little attention to bad behavior as humanly possible.

It doesn't take a bright child long to figure out that a temper tantrum gets them removed from response and good behavior gets lots and lots of attention.

Remove screamers from public exposure. There is a reason old time nurseries were very quiet.

Whatever you do, don't bribe, negotiate, or appease. It will only get you more of the same.

Buy Earplugs and make an appointment with a good psychiatrist for yourself once the little darlings are civilized.

Travis said...

I offer sympathy. I wouldn't presume to offer anything else, since I've never raised a child and don't intend to ever do so.

Good luck. My sister survived my niece's screaming stage. I suspect you will too.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Oh you poor dear! I can sympathize. My little man will be 2 in August. He's a holy terror!!

Hope things get better for you.

Have a good Monday.

Comedy + said...

Good luck. Jamie gave you good advice. Kids, even when they are two, learn quickly to manipulate their parents if they can. If they can't they move on to something else.

Sanni said...

Well, she´s two - there´s nothing wrong with the little princess. I guess I should come over taking Luis with me. We could go to the restaurant again... having a competition: Luis and Georgia seeing RED. Let´s see who will be given the bum´s rush first, you or me... maybe both of us *LOL*

Keep a stiff upper lip, Sugar =D

Morgen said...

I have no advice...
Just a THANKS for the laughs and giggles and smiles.
And you need to reward YOURSELF for not cold-cocking the "Nila?" chick in Fudruckers.

Desert Songbird said...

We hibernated until my son turned four-years-old. Sad, but true. He wasn't a screamer, but I could take the fact that he would never sit still. He ran everywhere.


Whenever someone would ask me how he was, I'd say, "He's two."

'Nuff said.

Sunrunner said...

All I can do is sympathize and offer to give you a place to stay if you need to run away to have a few margaritas... oh wait, that would be what I want to do...

I'm just waiting for my youngest to knock himself silly during one of his tantrums. Hang in there!