Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thirteen Websites I Love

1. Leo’s Lyrics Database – For all the random songs that I often have stuck in my head.

2. Internet Movie Database – For all the movies I often have stuck in my head. I seriously visit this site daily for various movie quotes, to view new trailers, to see who was in which movie with whom, to see how old a celebrity is, to see when a DVD will be released, etc., etc. Love this site!

3. – Yes, I’m a geek. I love words. This is a great reference site, and it even has fun word games. Woo hoo!

4. Crime Library – Yes, I am a true crime buff, and this site has all the info on all the famous cases. I could sit and read for hours. Not that I would ever have the time . . .

5. – I have found tons of great recipes on this site. You can even do a search based on the ingredients you want to use.

6. The Straight Dope – As if I need anymore trivia packed inside my head. However, I do love this site. It has tons of little tidbits and fascinating trivia.

7. – My resource for all Days of Our Lives spoilers because I am a spoiler whore. I love them even though they hate me over at Days Café. I used to have a Days blog. I posted lots of spoilers, and credited and linked to Days Café. Well, they didn’t like that. Even though I gave them credit. The bastards.

8. Find a Death- Yes, I’m morbid. This is actually an incredibly interesting site. It relates the final moments of many dearly departed celebs, but that’s such a small part of it. I can’t even explain. Go, take a visit. You’ll be impressed.

9. Wiki Answers – A million times better than Yahoo Answers, and I’m not just saying that because I work for them. Really.

10. Urban Dictionary – Hey, I learn a hell of a lot from this site. I hope it’s still around in a few years so I know what the hell my kids are talking about when they are teenagers.

11. – Debunking those damn forwards that everyone sends me, one at a time.

12. XM Radio – I love my XM Radio. When I’m working on my laptop, I just log on to their Web site and listen online!

13. Just Jared – This is one of my favorite entertainment sites. I don’t really consider it a blog, per se, but if there is entertainment news or gossip, Jared has it!


Lynn said...

Oh I also visit websites 1,2,3,5 and Jared's. I get a dose of Wentworth Miller there. :)

Stephanie said...

I love snopes. So many interesting things debunked.

Christina said...

Interesting list!
I'm also a big snopes fan.

Di said...

Here's one for addition to the dictionary, I like to know the origin of the word!

Alex said...

No No No! You've just given me 8 more candidates for my daily website checks. I'm never gonna get any work done now unless I give up bathing and eating ...

Snopes is one of my all time favourites, along with the 'random article' button on Wikipedia.

Maggie said...

I visit many of the same sites regularly. I'd would add Woot and a few others but I thought I was the only one who read things like find a death. Or weird ways to die. I love imdb too when I'm watching tv.

Happy TT

NOLADawn said...

I visit a lot of these daily too :)

Happy TT!

YoungMommy said...

Great list... I'll have to check out some of the sites!

Have a great Thursday :)

Morgen said...

Oh there are some good ones here - and some I'll have to check out based on your recommendation.
Have you been to Motherload?
I love their Freebie Fridays.


The Rock Chick said...

I love Leo's lyrics! All of my blog posts have song titles (all part of being The Rock Chick) and when I can't think of one, I go there and search...hits every single time!!!

Really cool list! I'm going to check some of those out!

Happy TT
Jessica The Rock Chick

Desert Songbird said... - never leave home without access to it. Hate those damn forwards people send me!

Sunrunner said...

Snopes is very useful, and I love IMDB!!!