Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Beware of the Toddler

I was originally planning to save this picture for Wordless Wednesday. But I decided that if I posted a picture of my daughter in a cage, people might be asking questions. So, here’s the story.

By Saturday, I decided that my kids were waaaay overdue for haircuts. Eli looked like a little moppet, and I had already taken the scissors to Georgia’s hair twice since her last cut in an attempt to trim it. (Incidentally, I’ve been told never to go near her hair with a pair of scissors again.)

My friend Nichole used to work at Sheer Madness but recently quit to do Passion Parties full time. But since she loves me, she told me to bring the kids on over to her house and she would cut their hair.

Nichole is great with kids, but it was hilarious to see her WTF look when Eli walked in, plopped down on her couch and demanded to watch Noggin. Being a single 20-something with no children, Nichole didn’t know what the hell that was. I did. I found Noggin, which I hoped would keep the kids’ attention.

I needed them preoccupied because Saturday morning Nichole had decided to clean out the entire contents of her house. I think she had everything she owned dumped in the middle of her living room floor. It was a virtual toddler treasure trove.

Luckily, Georgia was more preoccupied with Nichole’s dog Angel. I’m not sure what kind of a dog Angel is, but she’s a little white fluffy poof of a thing, and she’s cute as can be. While Eli was getting his hair cut, Georgia found Angel’s cage, climbed inside and shut the door. Thank God for cell phone cameras.

I thought Georgia would be upset when she came to the realization that she had locked herself in a cage, but instead she just looked up at me and said “CHEESE!” OMG, that was hysterical!

I thought it was hysterical, anyway. Angel was pissed!

At least now I know what to get Georgia for her birthday. A cage! Who would have thought?!


Crazy Working Mom said...

Hah! That is to cute. :)

I need to get 2 of those. heh heh

Travis said...

I love it! Pup is piqued!

Desert Songbird said...

Hard to tell who has the shaggier hair: Georgia or the pup!

About that cage - dunno if you want to foster a fetish in your kid, your being the dildo lady and all...

What?! I'm just sayin'...

Sadie said...

That is effing hilarious.

I opened up Google Reader and there was a picture of Georgia in a cage, and I thought, "oh hell! What now?"

Awesome. Love the look on the dog's face like, "What the?"

lisa said...

LOL, that is so damn cute. How did the haircuts turn out? :-)

Morgen said...

Well, now Georgia has the companion pic to take to the therapist when Eli takes his 'graphic' shot.
Who else would say, "now I know what to get Georgia for her birthday"???
I love you!

Sunrunner said...

Only a toddler... that pic with her and the dog on the outside is perfect!!