Thursday, May 17, 2007

13 Have You Evers . . . (#40)

Yes, before you ask, I HAVE done all of these . . .

1. Have you ever pulled up to a four-way stop sign and sat there waiting for it to turn green?

2. Have you ever left the house with baby throw up in your hair?

3. Have you ever skipped a shower two mornings in a row just so you have a little extra time to sleep in?

4. Have you ever put breast milk in your coffee because you were out of creamer?

5. Have you ever had your four-year-old tell you that you wouldn’t make a good slide because you’re too bumpy?

6. Have you ever had your two-year-old drop her sippy cup and then look at you and loudly scream, “OH SHIT!”

7. Have you ever had someone stop you on the street and ask, “Aren’t you the dildo lady?”

8. Have you ever been talking to a stranger, the whole time referring to yourself in the third person as “Mommy”?

9. Have you ever almost threw down with someone who cut in front of you in line for the bathroom?

10. Have you ever memorized the words to a Wiggles song, complete with dance moves?

11. Have you ever sang showtunes in the middle of Wal-mart just because it was the only thing that kept your toddler quiet?

12. Have you ever been screening your calls only to find out the person calling is standing right outside your front door?

13. Have you ever tried to get orange marker out of a cat?

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jdoriot said...

Completely hilarious!! What a great list!

Anna Mary said...

Funny list! Happy TT!

Don't forget May is Military Appreciation Month!

Di said...

Have you ever tried to remove melted crayon from the seats of your car? Don't bother...get a new car!

Sunrunner said...

I love it! Your lists are always hilarious! And I'm soooo behind, I just got my WW up...

Desert Songbird said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, Neila, you are always good for a laugh.

Have a drink, dildo lady.

Crystal said...

Hah! These are funny. Great list. Happy Thursday!

Donna said...

You've outdone yourself this time, for sure! Funny, funny list.

Write From Karen said...

Oh absolutely! 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 11 and 12.

LOL! Boy, what mom CAN'T relate to this list!

Have a great day!

The Greens said...

OMG! Funny funny stuff!

#6 and
#7 are my favorites.

Lisa said...

I will only admit to 1 and 10.

Happy Thursday.

Sadie said...

Laughed out loud to #6. Hee.

Also... when you say get orange marker OUT OF a cat... do you mean get marker ink out of a cat's fur? Or get a marker itself OUT OF a cat, literally? Where did someone stick the marker?

Poor kitty.

Courtney said...

LMAO very funny list! And yes, I can relate to many of those! heehee. Can't say I've ever had #7 happen though! lol

Sparky Duck said...

newp, none of them, but, at least I have stuff to aspire too

Lara said...

1. yes
2. no, but a nice combination of soy sauce and dried snot
3. definitely
4. no, but i put whipping cream in lucky charms once
5. nope
6. um, no, but that would be funny
7. wow... no
8. no, but "nanny lara"? yes
9. oh yeah
10. no, but i've memorized most episodes of "scooby doo, where are you?"
11. not wal-mart, but target
12. no, that would creep me out
13. no, but i have tried to get crisco out of the cat's fur - it's harder than you think

awesome list! :) mine is up if you'd like to visit!

Dana said...

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. No
5. No
6. Yes
7. Not yet!
8. No
9. Yes
10. No, and fortunately my kids were too old to watch the Wiggles when they came out. Barney on the other hand, I knew them ALL.
11. Yes, but not to soothe my kids. Just embarass them!
12. No
13. Just blue crayon out of the seat of the car. I'm with Di on that one!

2 Witches Blog - Mama Kelly said...


What a hysterical list. I laughed out loud more than once.

Thank you for that

mama Kelly

Laughing Muse said...

1. Embarrassingly enough...yes. And come to a stop at a green light because the people in the left-turn bay were stopped, and my herd instinct kicked in.

2-8. Nope.

9. Does vigorous bilingual cursing count?

10. Nope.

11. Nope...but I have gone down the aisle of Safeway at 2 in the morning, singing along with the muzak.

12. Nope.

13. Nope...but I did have to get green paint off the cat before the cat painted the walls. (Then I had to retouch the woodwork. Dang cat...)

Janean said...

OH my! TOo funny. I may not have DONE all of these, but I've thought about it.
Here from TT! LOVE your list. thanks for the smiles.

Renee B said...

I am sooooo with you on #1,2,6,10 & 11.

Have a great weekend.

Morgen said...

I love your list!
Especially Georgia screaming "Oh Shit!" Hmmmmm.... wonder WHO she gets that from????????

Travis said...

Orange marker? On a cat?


I laugh because I have no children.


Crazy Working Mom said...

Have you ever told another adult, namely your boss when he asked you to lunch that you would love to go but first you need to go potty!