Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It’s never a joy when my daughter wakes up in the middle of the night. But when she’s screaming at the top of her lungs, it’s even worse. This was the case last night at about 4 a.m. She erupted screaming, and scared the crap out of me. I jumped up to run to her room and noticed that it was freezing ass cold. Since it was about 20 degrees outside, I didn’t think much of it.

When I opened the door to Georgia’s room, she was standing in the middle of her room screaming. I scooped her up and noticed she was shivering. I took her back to bed with me and cuddled her in between Eric and I, and she fell back asleep. Nowhere in this situation did it occur to me as strange that the house was so effing cold! Maybe it was because I was sleepy and just wasn’t thinking. I’m not sure.

When the alarm went off at 6:30, I got up to go to the bathroom and just about froze my fun parts off. I hurried back in bedroom and nudged Eric. “I don’t think the heat is working.”

Eric: “MmmmHmmmm.”
Me. “Hey! I don’t think the heat is working!”
Eric: “What?”
Eric: “Of course the heat is working. I didn’t turn it off.”

*Sigh* I didn’t say the heat was off, I said it wasn’t working. Finally, I got Eric out of bed and he ran to the thermostat. Sure enough . . .

Eric: “Uh-oh.”

That’s never a good sign! Apparently, the thermostat was completely blank. After a few minutes of me panicking, Eric finally realized that the thermostat just needed new batteries. He took it off the wall and saw that it took three AA batteries.

He went to the battery drawer. There were no AA batteries. I yelled, “Go to my Passion Party bag and pick a vibrator! There are AA batteries in those!”

A couple of minutes later, I heard the glorious sound of the heat clicking on. Eric came back into the bedroom and said, “I pulled out the biggest vibrator I could find, and it had three AA’s in it.” Well, praise the lord for Passion Parties!

What concerns me more is that we have an ice storm coming tonight. If we were that bad for one night without heat, we are going to be soooo screwed if we lose power!


Anonymous said...

Good excuse to snuggle...and thank the lord for passion parties!!! LOL!


Yay for passion parties...I was at a party on Saturday night...at a club, they had a passion party consultant there....I would love to have a catalog...I would so order something from you....I didn't buy anything there...I did not realize they were going to have a consultant there, or I would have been prepared to spend some money...very interesting and fun products! So, yeah...Yay for Passion Parties....

Mo said...

yay for AA batteries (and glad they still worked!)
Never heard of a battery-operated thermostat before!
Oh, and if the power goes out, don't you have some self-warming lube in that Passion Party kit? I bet some of that rubbed on the toesies would feel great!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Yup, THANK GOD for big vibrators. *LOL*

All's well that ends well, though right!?

Tisha @ CrAzY Working Mom

Sadie said...

That is hilarious. Not that you were without heat, but that a vibrator saved the day.

You should use that as a selling point at the next party. :)