Thursday, September 13, 2007

13 Different Things I Like To Eat

1. Mayonnaise on my French fries – I hear this is popular in Europe, but here, people just look at me weird.

2. Mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese - The ‘Shrooms at Houlihans are awesome!

3. Sweet potato chips (unsalted) and Sweet potato fries – hard to find, but very tasty!

4. Blueberry coffee – It’s easy to find blueberry tea, but blueberry coffee is much trickier!

5. Fried Green Tomatoes

6. Chicken salad with craisins and walnuts – great if you’re on the South Beach Diet.

7. Honey roasted sunflower seeds - Also hard to find. I can only find them at Whole Foods.

8. Peanut Butter Cookie Crisp – Regular Cookie Crisp was my favorite until I tasted the peanut butter!

9. Escargot – Yeah, I know – snails. But, Yum-o!

10. Fried pickles (preferably dipped in Ranch)

11. Potato chips on my sandwiches

12. Fried Snickers (on a stick) – Gotta love fair food!

13. Milk Duds in my Popcorn - My movie treat! It's the sweet/salty combination that I love!


damozel said...

I have never heard of mayo on fries or milk duds in popcorn or fried snickers. But I love sweet potatoes in any form....

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Lori said...

Fried Snickers on a stick?? I thought that was an Urban Great list...I dont agree with all but some:)

Denise Patrick said...

Sweet potato fries - oh yeah!!! There is a place here that serves them with a slightly spicy garlic dip. Mmmmmm! And, I like potato chips on sandwiches, too, mainly sloppy joes, tuna, or chicken salad.

Happy TT!

Nicholas said...

I love escargot too!

Clickin Mama J said...

I love sweet potato fries! Happy TT!

Mom not Mum (Sandy) said...

I only like my pickles COLD so pretty sure I couldn't do a fried pickle. Great list!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Great list! My 4-year-old mixes ranch dressing and ketchup and eats that with her fries - strange child! :)

Gillie said...

Long time lurker~I think this is the first time I have commented and it is going to be a long comment because your list really spoke to me this morning!! :)

Okay~there are so many things on your list I LOVE as well!!

1. Not really hip on the mayo on fries but my sister does that!

2. Stuffed mushrooms are beyond yummy~at the holidays I make them with cream cheese and crab!

3. I love a good sweet potato! Outback Steakhouse just added mashed and baked sweet potatos to their menu. I was introduced to sweet potato fries at the restaurant in the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City (they also used to have fried corn nuggets~not corn dog but corn!)! Beyond yummy!!!

4. Never had blueberry coffee but something I would probably like!

5. It is harder to get fried green tomatoes in Nebraska but my folks live in Memphis and I always have them there!

6. Love craisins in any salad!!

7. My hubby hates the honey roasted sunflower seeds (something about bastardizing a perfectly good but I love 'em!!

8. My FAVORITE cereal!!

9. You lost me on the escargot~I do have to admit I have never tried it though.

10. I just introduced my son as well as my MIL & FIL to fried pickles and am proud to say they were quickly converted!! We have a restaurant here that serves them and the batter is slighlty spicy~HEAVENLY!!

11. Love this~especially on peanut butter and banana sandwhiches!

12. Love the fried Snickers~have you tried Fried Twinkies? :)

13. I do this as well but I put Milk Duds AND Junior Mints!!

Okay~that is enough from me. Thanks for humoring me! Great list!!!


Sadie said...

Dude. You're weird.


Sandee said...

Not playing this week but wanted to comment. I'll have escargot with you. Lots of french bread so we can get all the yummy garlic juice too. Have a great day. :)

Unknown said...

Mayo on fries is definitely a winner - and veeeeery popular in Germany. As far as I know the Brit´s have Mayo on their fries as well... so I won´t lose the Mayo on fries after moving =)

Thea @ It's Me Vs. Me said...

O.K. Fried Snickers? That just sounds AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

I'm SO with you on the mayo and French Fries...

Travis Cody said...

My aunt eats mayo on fries - she actually taught me to appreciate it.

I'll take it, but I prefer Ranch with my fries.

Crazy Working Mom said...

I like the junior mints in my popcorn! :)

Great list. Happy TT.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I do mayo on my fries too! I LOVE IT! Or a mix of mayo and ketchup is good too. My hubby does chips on his sandwiches, I thought it might be a British thing so now I can tell him I know someone else who does that! Never tried milk duds in the popcorn but had a friend who did snickers minis in hers. Yum!