Sunday, September 02, 2007

You Like Me! You Really Like Me!!

I have received some awards in the past week, and I have fallen way way behind on people to thank. I don’t mean to put it off on purpose, it’s just that accepting compliments is something I’m not necessarily good at.

First up, I would like to thank Sandee from Comedy Plus! Sandee makes me smile every day with her hysterically funny blog, and she has been kind enough to award me with the Blogging Star Award, the I Love Your Blog Award, and the You Make Me Smile Award! Sandee, you rock beyond belief!!
Bridget at And Miles To Go . . . has awarded me with a Blogging Star Award, too! I am constantly in awe of Bridget. I really don’t know how she has time to raise five beautiful children, and cook, and blog. I have decided that she must not sleep! (BTW, I have tried about three of her recipes so far, and she is an AWESOME cook!)

And last but not least, my bestest buddy Morgen at It’s A Blog Eat Blog World and The Mo Show, awarded me the You Make Me Smile Award. Morgen you know I love you! You were my first friend in the blogosphere, and you are one great man!

You all humble me, dear blog friends. With my crazy kids, I don’t always have times to leave comments on everyone’s blog, but I am still here, and I’m always visiting. You all mean more to me than I can say!


Anonymous said...

That you so much for those kind words to me :) I just so much love coming to your blog and seeing how happy your children are and your daily anecdotes about them. Congratulations on all of the rewards this week--you have an awesome blog and you are an awesome mom and deserve EACH AND EVERY ONE!!! Have a wonderful LONG weekend!


Patois42 said...

Congrats. Looks like you are adored by many.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Congrats and very well deserved! :)

Mo and The Purries said...

Yay Neila!
You are so awesome!

♥ ♥ ♥