Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Oh Joy!!

Oh, yippee yay! One of my greatest pleasures in life consists of finding new yummy coffee places to frequent. I am happy once again!

It’s A Grind just opened a franchise in town. Apparently, they are very big out west, but this is the first one we have around here. Now, it is about 60 blocks from our house, but that is not too far to go for yummy coffee for me, a yummy mango slushy for Eric, and blended non-coffee mochas for the kids. Not to mention the best freaking cookies EVER!!

It’s A Grind gets two snaps up from me!!


withthanksgiving said...

About a year ago an It's a grind opened near us. It's great coffee and free wifi. I also love the cute mugs and the stickers on your cup. We sneak there kidless alot.

Why not come over and pay me a visit. I cleaned up the joint. :)


Sparky Duck said...

I always love the smaller chains for coffee, until Starbux get em

Sandee said...

Good for you. If you're happy it's makes me happy. Cheers.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Sounds awesome!

Mo and The Purries said...

We need one here.
Since I don't have the funds to open my own coffee shop (Mo Jo) then why not "It's A Grind" ?