Monday, August 13, 2007

Manic Monday - Drop

This week’s Manic Monday word is Drop. Be sure to check out It’s A Blog Eat Blog World – the Manic Monday HQ – for more information on how to participate.

As I mentioned before, last week was Eli’s British Soccer Camp. First, I would just like to point out that Eli is the one who asked to play soccer. We really didn’t enroll him in it just for the torture.

It soon became obvious that soccer was not Eli’s forte. Usually he would stand off to the side and swing his arms back and forth. Occasionally he would run in the general direction of the other children.

But sometimes he would just sit down in the middle of the field.

(Sidenote: These pics were taken on "dress your coach up wacky" day.)

Some of the other children did not take well to this. The ages of the children in the group were 4-6, and I was surprised at how competitive some of them were already. A few minutes later, the man sitting next to me about broke my ear drum while screaming at his daughter from the sideline because she wasn’t playing to his satisfaction. That explains sooo much.

But I digress. At one point, I thought there was going to be mutiny on the team because Eli just flat out refused to kick the ball. Coach Simon even tried to get Eli to throw the ball in from out of bounds. He would just hold the ball, and refused to drop it.

One girl on the team in particular really pissed me off. This little girl’s name was Patience. She went up to Eli and started calling him a baby and told him he had on a baby watch and then she pushed him. That got me out of my seat.

Luckily, Coach Simon broke them up pretty quickly because Eli started pushing back. And me? Well, I was ready to run out on the soccer field and drop kick the little bitch. I looked at Eric and said, “Did you hear what that little bitch said to Eli?” Eric looked completely alarmed and gave me the loud whisper, “Be quiet! Her mother is right over there.”

“Oh yeah?” I said. “Good! I hope she hears me. She needs to teach that little bitch some manners.” That’s about the point when Eric walked away from me. I calmed down for a little while. Then Patience started up again. Grrrrr.

After the game was over, Eli told me he didn’t like Patience because she was mean. I probably didn’t give the most appropriate response. I said, “Well, honey, I wouldn’t worry about it because Patience is a little bitch, and she’s probably so stupid that she’ll never pass kindergarten.” Eric just shook his head.

So, someone please give me some advice. Obviously, I am very sensitive to any sort of bullying, and Eli hasn’t even started school yet. What is the correct way to deal with the situation when all I want to do is drop kick an evil child or bitch slap her mother?

(Now, just for fun I have to throw in a photo of the flag that Eric and I Eli spent so much time working on. Eli was on Team Italy.)


tegdirb92 said...

LOL--on your response to little Patience. Love the coach costume! Go, Eli!! Happy MM.

Desert Songbird said...

Oy vey.

Villager said...

I enjoyed your post about your young one's soccer experience. My 8-year old is playing pee wee football (American variety). He had his first pre-season game last week. I was a proud papi!

This was a difficult MM for me. However, when in doubt, I usually go with Serena! Have a great MM! peace, Villager

Gattina said...

When children are fighting just keep out of it, because it never lasts very long and while you are still upset, they start to play together again. And it's even worse when the mothers are getting involved ! My son didn't like football (soccer) either although he had always been the biggest kid !

ian said...

Hoo boy...

Take a deep breath, Neila, because bullying happens in school in spite of the district's "tough stance" on it. There's nothing you can do to stop it except to be as supporting of Eli as you can.

I've got a child who's been bullied, and who has reacted badly enough that he's been suspended. It breaks my heart and I'm at just as much a loss as you are.


Mert said...

I don't have any real advice... I would have probably done what you did LOL! I hate to see my kids hurt in any way.

Maybe next time you still voice your opinion but direct it at the coach/refs (without expletives LOL!) and make sure that they handle it.

Sometimes we have to be the better person for our children's benefit *sigh* It's hard though. I recently had a run in with my MIL, and I really had to bite my tongue because my child was involved and I knew I would just make things worse. GRRR.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I have a hard time advising in this area since Emma is little yet, but has been pushed around by older kids before and I have a REALLY hard time with it too! I probably would have reacted similarly to how you did! I know it's best to stay out of it, but I'd have a hard time doing that because I'm super sensitive about anyone being mean or bullying my kid.

Comedy + said...

Little bitch works for me. You are a hoot. Have a great MM. :)

Crazy Working Mom said...

I don't have any good advice for you either. But, Gattina is right...sometimes its just best we let them sort things out on their own as long as they're not getting too physical. :(

Sophia said...

Great post!! I can't wait until my son's old enough to play!

Jamie said...

The ones above who say stay out of it and they will probably sort things for themselves are right to a point. Be supportive of your son. Tell him that some people do not always play well (without the "bitch" ... they pick up enough words on their own without parental contributions).

If the condition continues then the best way is to approach the other parent with "Our children seem to have trouble playing with each other. Could we speak to them together to try to fix this."

The BITCH will probably be no help at all or her child wouldn't behave that way, but it is worth a try. :-)

Travis said...

I don't have any kids so I won't presume to offer any advice.

But I will say that the point of playing sports at this age is to have fun. And if your child isn't having fun, then it's clearly time to find another activity.

Cheers and Happy MM!

Sunrunner said...

You do have to take a deep breath, and try not to get too obviously angry about it (I'm trying to take this advice as well, believe me). I flip when I see or hear my oldest getting bullied, especially when the school turns around and says that even though he didn't start it, he's the bully for responding!!!!! Grrrrrrr...

A couple of place I've found some good info is and A very good book about bullying is called Please Stop Laughing At Me by Jodee Blanco. It is going to take lots of us parents stepping in and taking a stand against school faculty that overlooks certain bullying behaviors before the attitude will change. Don't keep silent!!! Please give Eli a big hug for me and tell him to hang in there!!!