Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Dude! I totally forgot to put a Linky box on my Manic Monday post yesterday. I am making up for that by including some Linky Lurve on today’s post. Enjoy!

On to priorites. Last week, Eric and I took the kids out for a quick lunch at Chic-Fil-A. I love that place. I don’t know what it is about their sandwiches, but they are yum-o! I remember craving them when I was pregnant with Eli, except they didn’t have a Chic-Fil-A here at that time so we had to drive an hour to get my chicken sandwiches. I remember those times fondly. Eric – not so much. He can also relate stories of how I sent him out in a raging ice storm for Long John Silvers. Good times . . .

But I digress. Last week, we were doing our usual “lunch with kids” thing, in which we attempted to shove down food, Eli ran around like someone spiked his chocolate milk with crack, and Georgia was trying to see if she could scream loud enough to shatter glass.

When we got out to the car, I realized that I had forgotten to pick up some brownies. (Chic-Fil-A has awesome brownies!) I told Eric I was going to run back in while he was putting the kids in the car. When I opened the door to the restaurant, I was busy looking back at the kids and not paying attention. The corner of the door scraped over the top of my foot, and sliced my large toe open. (You can thank me now for not including pictures in this post. Eric can’t look at the cut without getting the heebie-jeebies.)

I bit my lip so I wouldn’t scream “MOTHER F*CK!” out loud, and hobbled on into the restaurant to pick up my brownies. I still hadn’t looked down at this point, so I hadn’t viewed the damage. I quickly purchased my brownies, and turned to leave. That’s when I looked down. I had on a pair of sandals, and my toe was bleeding so much that the entire front half of my sandal was soaked with blood. Oh crap.

I went out to the car and said, “I think I have a slight problem.” Eric looked down and gave a horrific gasp. He wanted to take me to the hospital for stitches. I hate hospitals, and the thought of getting stitches in my toe just sounded too painful for words, so I had him take me home.

I was busy cleaning my toe and getting it all bandaged up, when Eric came into the bathroom, shaking his head. When I asked what was wrong, he said, “I just can’t believe after you almost cut your toe off that you STILL went in to buy brownies.”

I just looked at him and said, “Well, it’s important to have priorities.”

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Wow, what a awful thing to happen. Okay, the brownies might be really good, but it sounded like a trying lunch. I did a similar thing to my toe recently. Hurts like a .....!

Oh, loved the "Spiked his chocolate milk with crack" comment.

Thanks for the linky love. :)

beurre d'arachide - peanut butter said...

last time i had chik-fil-a was when i was in florida.... i dont think there are any in michigan.

long john silvers is the best =] love everything there!

Mom not Mum said...

LOL Hope the brownies were worth it. Now you have me wanting chik-fil-A.

Christine of Epiphany said...

Definitely, you need good priorities~ chocolate ALWAYS comes first!!

I had a stitch in my baby-toe, after I tried to take it off with a mirror tile my Mom had propped up against the doorframe on the floor....good times...!~

Margarita said...

LOL. Gotta have the brownies. How where they? Can't post as me because your comments only take blogger comments :( Thats why I haven't commented in a while but i've been here.


Sunrunner said...

That's just like Ian. He's completely oblivious to hurting himself until someone points out the blood... *sigh*