Thursday, August 23, 2007

13 Photos I Took On Vacation

1. The kids riding the children's ferris wheel at The Track. This is the only shot I got before Georgia burst into tears and wanted off.
2. Eli touling around The Track on a Go Cart. He LOVED it!!

3. Eli and Georgia enjoying The Bumblebees at Celebration City.

4. Eli and Georgia riding The Flying Carpet at Celebration City.

5. Daddy and the kids at The Fish and Wildlife Museum in Springfield.

6. Eli and Georgia jumped up on the podium at the Wildlife Museum.

7. A great shot I took at The Butterfly Palace in Branson.

8. Eli "driving" the boat when we rode the ducks in Branson.

9. Eli and Georgia in front of a candy shop at Silver Dollar City.

10. Daddy and the kids riding the caterpillars at Silver Dollar City.

11. Mommy and the kids riding the carousel at Silver Dollar City.

12. Daddy and the kids riding the children's teacups at The Track. (Georgia was too little to ride the teacups at Silver Dollar City. Grrrr!)

13. The castle that wasn't. Pythian Castle in Springfield. Eli was so excited we were going to see a castle. When we drove up, he was pissed. "That's not a castle! It's just a building." We didn't go in, but I did jump out and snap a picture.


Crazy Working Mom said...

I have a photo almost EXACTLY like your carousel photo from Silver Dollar City 2 years ago! Cool. :)

Great shots.

amy said...

what great photos and what a neat list for the week

David said...

"Vacation"?!? What's that?


tommiea said...

what fun pictures..Looks like everyone had a great time.

happy TT

Starrlight said...

Lovely pictures! Looks like a fun vacation.

>>she said...

What lovely photos! Your kids enjoyed their vacation and that's good! :)

Happy TT!

mine's up at

Sunrunner said...

Very cool pictures!!

Robin said...

Sorry the ferris wheel didn't work out, but it looks like they had a ball with the rest.

Mom not Mum said...

LOL Great castle that wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Great photos! It looks like you all had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing these with all of us.

Happy TT!

erin said...

Fun vacation! I love your blog layout. Happy TT! My list is 13 words I love.

Lori said...

What awesome pics:) It looks like you guys had a blast!! Happy TT.

Jessica said...

Great pictures! Looks like a fun vacation.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I love the photos! Great TT!

Comedy + said...

Well how fun Neila. I have like photos of mine when he was little...About 30 years ago. Have a great TT. :)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Looks like it was a fun vacation! Great photos!

Morgen said...

cool castle!
and butterflies!
And kids!
And Daddy needs a reward for riding all those rides! (no Eric didn't pay me to say that, I swear!)

Love the FoMo button in your sidebar!
You might want to look at increasing the color of your text in your sidebar. The light blue doesn't show up very well at all in Firefox. Just an idea - it's your site!

Luka said...

Great photos and awesome list! :-)

Sparky Duck said...

great pictures, because it seems like they get along with each other. I know its a ruse, but it makes good pictures

Hulai said...

oh looks like you guys had fun!!! i like that castle! so im going on a mini vacation this weekend.... guess where... Overland Park! Yep we are gonna be at the marriott, then to see some Royals game! thought about you when we set the place! later!

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