Thursday, March 19, 2009

Twitter Schizophrenia

I am now making it a point to blog more often! I think my problem is I've become addicted to social networking. It's hard to blog, when you can post mini blogs on Twitter and Facebook 100 times a day. Not only do I have a Facebook and MySpace account, but I have two accounts on Twitter. That's right, because one Twitter account just wasn't enough for me.

I would seriously like to know what happened that Twitter just so suddenly exploded in popularity. Seriously! WTF happened?!!! I have had a Twitter account for almost a year, and the only followers/followees I had were my workmates. Twitter seemed perfect because my workmates are anywhere from Albuquerque to New York to Jerusalem, so tweets seemed a great thing. Then, my blogging friends found Twitter. Then my Goo friends found Twitter.

I already had an issue of my worlds colliding on Facebook. It's a little hard to be yourself when your Facebook friends consist of the CEO of your company, your ex-boyfriend from high school, your husband, and your best friends who know all your secrets. In addition, I'm the Teen Program Coordinator at, so I'm also followed by several teens. Dude! I'm afraid to say anything. God forbid I should slip and say the "F" word!

Twitter was getting just as bad. My Neila222 persona was feeling a little bit stifled, so I decided to break out with my alter ego, BlondieGoo. The difference is that Neila222 posts things like "I just got tickets to The Fray concert." BlondieGoo posts things like "Who do I have to blow to get good tickets?" You see the difference. So feel free to follow me on Twitter. I'll let you decide which of my personalities you would like to follow - mild or wild.


Mo said...

I know exactly what you mean about spending way too much internet time on Facebook instead of on blogging.
Twitter has taken off in recent weeks - since Obama addressed Congress and several big wigs tweeted while he talked - and every media outlet from Jon Stewart to the Today show has done a piece on Twitter.
By the way - if you want to get into more blogging, you can get back into Manic Mondays. You can find out when the theme words post by following ManicMeme on Twitter!

Anonymous said...

I can so relate to this post. Finally, I gave up and said I AM WHO I AM - TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT! So who do I blow for good tickets? LOL (Hello, I read your blog a while back but lost the link so I'm glad to have re-found you!)

a-mom-in-us said...

Girl - I was laughing OUT LOUD at this, and the couple before this and thinking "Damn I can SO relate!!" And guess what - I share your name too.. ;)
Neela with 2 ee's

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