Sunday, February 01, 2009

Rebuild Communities with Plant a Seed

I’m sure you remember what it was like when you were a kid. I know when I was little, there was no such things as video games or the Internet. Kids played outside, exercised, and had fun. We played outside with our friends, building that sense of friendship and community. Maybe you were involved in softball, soccer or football.

As a mom today with kids who are becoming increasingly interested in sports, I was thrilled that my children would experience some of the same exciting times that I did as a child. However, when we travel from soccer field to soccer field, I am too often seeing the decline of so many sports fields.

With today’s economy, many towns are facing budget cuts, and many of these fields go months, or even years, without maintenance or renovation. When these fields fall into disrepair, we lose them as a place our children can gather, losing a piece of community in the process.

Taking steps toward improving our communities is one of the most effective way we can become involved.

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Earn Your Stripes program has initiated a call-to-action for a national field renovation program, and it kicks off today – Super Bowl Sunday!!! A commercial will air today during the Super Bowl entitled “Plant a Seed.” Here is a preview of the Super Bowl commercial:

The ad focuses on the role we all play in building stronger communities and making a difference in kids’ lives. The Earn Your Stripes program is designed to inspire children to be their very best, and Plant a Seed shows kids that by planting a seed, you can help give kids places to realize their promise and potential.

The field renovation will renovate approximately 50 fields across the country to help provide better places for children and families to stay active, once again making fields a central and vibrant place of activity and community.

For more information on the Plant a Seed program, visit the official Web site at