Sunday, February 01, 2009

February already??

Okay, what the hell happened to January? It is really February already, and I can’t believe it! I’m trying to look on the upside. February is my birthday month. Woo hoo!! My birthday is Feb. 22, in case you would like to mark it on your calendar.

Eric asked me yesterday what I would like for my birthday, and I did come up with a few things – most of which he scoffed at. So chanced are I won’t get any of them, but I have hope.

Tickets to see David Cook – This got a “Yeah, right. Like I’m going to see David Cook” from my husband. I’ll be buying those tickets myself.

Detail My Car – You should see my car. It is scary. The kids seem to think the floor in the back seat is a huge trash bin. God only knows what’s growing back there. I would LOVE for my car to actually be clean. Eric said, “I wouldn’t know where to take your car. And doesn’t that cost a lot of money?” Translation – I’m not getting that.

Red Tea Kettle – I know, it sounds simple, but it’s something I have asked for for like four years for Christmases/birthdays, and no one ever freaking gets it for me. I’m not quite sure WHY no one ever buys it for me, but it’s really starting to get on my nerves.

New camera – One with image stabilization would be nice so all my pictures don’t turn out like this:


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday month, Neila!

Look at Eli do his "thang" He does have "that look" going on! LOL!

Sanni said...

Time did fly :-) I've lost Jan 09 somewhere, too - especially b/c the internet connection died on me for over 2 weeks.

HOORAY for a new cam - and thanks for the add on FB :-D

A Frugal Friend said...

I'm with you on the red tea kettle thing - why they won't get it is beyond me. HaHa They probably think its too simple even though you would LOVE it.

I hope you get it!!!
Happy almost Birthday!

MoziEsmé said...

That's an ambitious wish list (I've got a husband - I know!) That car detail sounds just about right for me... :)

Crazy Working Mom said...

I was thinking the same thing last night when I realized that Valentine's Day is NEXT WEEK!!! YIKES.

Congrats on the new camera.