Thursday, January 29, 2009

6-Year-Old Basketball

Okay, my kid is not into sports. Given, Eli is only six, and many say that he’s too young for us to judge his potential effectively, but I think a mother just knows these things. Eli has been playing basketball the last couple of months, and he does seem to be having fun. That’s the important thing, right? Right?

I will say this for my son. Watching him play basketball is not nearly as painful as watching him play soccer. I actually enjoy watching him play basketball. He bounces around with all kinds of spastic energy, never quite sure where the ball is. He guards his person no matter which team has the ball (so I’m thinking defense is his strength), and when the ball comes near him, it’s as if someone dropped a bomb and yelled “duck and cover”.

Like I said, this is actually better than watching him play soccer.

This weekend, they take the official basketball pictures, and I’m excited about that. A cute picture of my son in a jersey. Who cares if he wins.

Oh yeah, my husband cares if he wins. Dude! He’s six! So far, I have successfully halted my husband from jumping up out of his chair during the games. I’ll have to be content to listen to him scream things like, “Eli, get open!” This just causes Eli to stop in the middle of the game and stand on the court staring at us, saying “Huh?” Yeah, best not to scream at the kid while he’s trying to play.

But like I said, I think he has a strong future in defense. I have to try to get a picture of his best defensive move. He stands in front of the person he’s guarding and inches ever so close. Then he gives them “the look”. Oh yeah! It’s the look that says, “I’m going to hack up your body and hide the pieces.” This causes every kid, no matter how big or small, to back up!

That’s my boy!


Sunrunner said...

That is too cute! We're just waiting for the baseball season to start. We'll have both boys in baseball this year.

Anonymous said...

Yup, sounds like defense is his strong point!

I'm with you on just having fun with it...

Desert Songbird said...

My daughter is a monster on defense. Defense is a good thing.