Thursday, January 01, 2009

Personalize Your M&M's!!!

Who doesn’t absolutely LOVE M&M’s?!! Seriously! They are my favorite candy, as well as my daughter’s (she likes to pick out the green ones). In fact, my kids love M&M’s so much that very often their grandparents will enclose a bag of M&M’s in with birthday gifts, Valentine’s gifts or Easter gifts.

When I saw that Mom Central launched a blog tour on personalized M&M’s, I was thrilled. You can go to, and personalize your own M&M’s!!! My kids are going to be thrilled when they open their Valentine’s candy and find their picture on M&M’s!!

MY M&M'S allows you to customize your M&M’s by choosing your colors, messages, and uploading your photos. You can make your order special for all occasions. And it’s not just for kids!! Imagine how much Grandma would love her grandchild's face on her birthday M&M'S, or how great the bride and groom would look on their wedding favors!

The site also offers dozens of gift options to accompany the MY M&M'S, such as candy dispensers, decorative tins, and MLB-themed containers. And new this year, MY M&M'S has even teamed up with Martha Stewart for ideas to make personalized gifts even more special. Each of Martha's MY M&M'S personalized gift options provide easy step-by-step instructions.

The site is very user-friendly, and makes personalizing and ordering your custom M&M’s a breeze!! I just placed my order for Valentine’s Day, and I can’t wait to see my kids’ faces!! I just know they are going to be thrilled! Visit today to check out their different options and place your order for that special gift!

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Kristine Fangman said...

Personally though I am entralled with the idea of my daughter's face on M&M's, I'm still kinda creeped out by it!