Monday, November 17, 2008

Manic Monday - Season

Happy Manic Monday! This week’s word is Season. That reminds me, it is the season for Christmas shopping, so if you still have a job and have money to spend, head over to The Wren’s Nest for some kick-ass holiday gifts!!!!

I really do love the holiday season. I always have Thanksgiving at my house and both sets of parents come up for the holiday. I think I’m beginning to perfect it. I no longer serve turkey because there are way too many leftovers. This season, we are doing pork loins, cream cheese & chive mashed potatoes, dressing, noodles, rolls, and green bean casserole. For dessert, I’m doing pumpkin pie and pecan pie, and I’m trying to decide on that all important third pie. I found a great recipe at that I was thinking of trying for a pumpkin-ginger pie with marshmallow topping. It sounds orgasmic. Let me know what you think.

Oh! And lots of wine! I can’t forget that. Because who could resist an entire day of my mom calling me a wino.

The thing that screws me up this year is that Thanksgiving is so late. I’m one of these people that doesn’t start shopping for the Christmas season until after Thanksgiving, even though the Christmas season apparently starts now in October. I swear, it just gets earlier and earlier every year. At least this year, the kids are getting a Wii for Christmas, which we already have, so there shouldn’t be too much more shopping to do. That’s good because I’m heading to New York for work the second week in December. I’ll have the “ohmygodihavetogetonaplane” anxiety leading up to that, and by the time I get back, well hell – it’s almost Christmas! This season is flying by!!

What are all your plans for the holiday season. Online shopping – plan #1! The further away I can stay from the mall, the better!


Desert Songbird said...

I think online shopping is the only way to shop. I do it almost all year long. I LOATHE the mall.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Right now, I can't think too much about Christmas shopping. Still too much packing to do for moving house before Christmas!

A lively post!

Anonymous said...

My shopping is almost done. But to be honest, I don't do much Christmas shopping.

Oooh, that pie sounds good...Anything to make the eyes roll into the back of the head.


Hope you're enjoying your new full-time job/adventure.

Durward Discussion said...

This is going to be a very quiet Christmas as the grandchild will be shipped off to his mother leaving just my son and myself. Shopping will be on line as well. So I'm getting off light with only one major dinner for some guests.

Have a wonderful time with your family ... the wine sounds like a great idea.